Best Tote Bags To Personalise

We’re well into the era of sustainable shopping and green consciousness, and a primary focus in this movement is the reusability and longevity of all products. As you can imagine, reusable products have become preferred.

5 Best Towels To Personalise

Every person will need a towel or three throughout any given day. Bath sheets, hand towels, towels for sport or the gym, beach towels, and even the guest towels you save for special occasions

5 Best Socks To Personalise

Best Socks to Personalise

Best socks: It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, one thing is for certain, you own a few pairs of socks. Just about every clothing store and even most supermarkets sell socks because everyone needs them. But if they’re nothing special why put in the effort to personalise them? Personalised clothing is more […]

How to choose workwear uniforms for winter

With winter knocking firmly on the front door, it’s time to consider how the colder temperatures are going to impact your workforce, both in terms of their productivity and their appearance. The combined effects of snow, ice, rain and sleet can make a difficult job even harder, which is why it’s important to kit your […]

How to Choose the Best Online Wholesale Clothing

When it comes to selling clothing, a big part of the challenge when first setting up a business, is finding the right wholesale provider / supplier. Shopping for wholesale is very different to shopping normally, and there are lots of different things you’ll want to consider and take into account – especially when it comes […]

7 Tips to Create the Best Branded T Shirts

There are many reasons why creating t shirts to support your brand is a great idea, and a profitable one. The right kind of merchandise and the right kind of t shirt can connect your brand to your customers and really help them support your brand and show their love for it. A great t […]

The Best Dye Sublimation T shirts

You may have heard of dye sublimation as part of the printing process, but you may not be fully aware of its benefits and what fabrics and t shirts are best used when using this technique. Keep reading to find out more about dye sublimation and why it’s a great choice for your t shirt […]

The perfect printed merchandise for university societies

Transition into university can be a difficult time for many students. The thought of studying can be overwhelming for some, particularly when you realise that you are just one small ant among thousands. That is why getting involved in sports teams and university societies is an integral part of the university experience. It is within […]

Event Merchandise; Be sure that your event investment is worth the effort

No matter the sector or industry of your company, events can be a prime occasion to really gain the exposure you need to flourish. They’re invaluable in the sense that they enable people to put a human face to your company, which is vital to dispelling the illusion that you’re a shadowy, unscrupulous organisation; a […]

The most versatile promotional product: The printed tote bag

Once a staple amongst housewives in the 1950’s, the tote bag has been reinvented and now holds its own at the centre of modern fashion and comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes. At Garment Printing, we have become aware of the ever-growing popularity of personalised tote bags. Therefore, when considering promotional merchandise for […]