Discover our most sustainable personalised socks, made with textile waste! and AWARD WINNING!

We are proud to announce that these up-cycled socks made with textile waste, currently one of our best-selling sock products, have been awarded the prestigious Promotion Gift Award. The socks, packaged into compostable self seal bags, and can be completely personalised with any design or logo with excellent results. What makes these Up Cycled Socks the most eco […]

Supporting The Beneficiaries of The Whiteley Homes Trust

Garment Printing is proud to be supporting the residents of Whiteley Village, an Almshouse retirement community of almost 400 elderly people in Weybridge, Surrey. Life has been far from normal for those in Whiteley Village, which is the largest group of elderly and/or retired people in the UK, and the current lockdown conditions have been challenging.  […]

Covid 19 Workwear Range – Super Wash To Kill The Virus

One of the most important subjects since the outbreak of Covid19 is how to keep protected from the virus. We’ve been reviewing the latest news and suggestions proposed by many organizations such as the WHO (World Health Organization) and our own NHS (National Health System). At the time of writing this article, we do not have an effective […]

School Uniform Pros and Cons

In stark contrast to our European and American counterparts, school uniforms are a commonplace requirement for children throughout Britain. While there are exceptions to the rule, in general, most academic institutions in the UK demand that their pupils wear a specific set of clothes every day that they are in attendance. Use of School Uniforms […]

5 Things you Need to Know when Selecting Workwear

Company workwear can be almost as crucial to the success of your business as the services you offer or the staff you employ. After all, you might be selling the best thing since sliced bread and employ the finest salesmen to do it, but if they’re slovenly dressed, they’ll create a poor first impression of […]

How to choose the weight of a polo shirt

Polo shirts are ideal items of clothing for all manner of situations. Whether worn as a casual garment for a night out, as part of a workplace uniform or as a kit for sporting purposes, polo shirts can serve a wide variety of purposes. However, it’s vitally important that you select a polo shirt that’s […]

The Gender-Specific Uniform Debate

The 21st century has seen unprecedented focus on the issue of gender. What was traditionally thought of as being binary (either male or female) has now become open to a wide range of different interpretations, as the LGBTQ+ community is making their voices heard and society is becoming increasingly tolerant and inclusive of various perspectives. Uniforms […]

How important is hi-vis clothing to you?

Depending on the industry you work in and the habits you keep in your daily routine, hi-vis clothing may be of paramount importance to you. For anyone working in an environment where there are hazards and risks – especially those involving vehicles – hi-vis is not just important, it’s essential. In fact, all construction sites, factories and […]

How to Keep your Workwear Clean

A strong first impression is paramount to the success of any business working in any industry. What’s the best way to achieve that effect? With a smart and stylish company uniform, of course. That doesn’t just apply to the design and decoration of the workwear, either, but also to its state of cleanliness. Employees who […]

How to Claim Tax Back for your Uniform

Do you wear a uniform to work? If so, and you’re responsible for washing, repairing or replacing it, you may be able to claim back tax on those expenses. Claim tax back for your uniform However, whether or not you are eligible for this tax relief will depend upon the nature of the clothing in […]