It’s no surprise that cargo trousers are a staple of many a workwear wardrobe. No matter whether your job takes you to the extremes of the great outdoors, the stuffy confines of a hot and humid kitchen or the industrial setting of a busy warehouse, cargo trousers are the perfect combination of comfort and practicality which allows you to perform your duties to your full potential.

Equipped with a range of unique features that enhance safety and add value to the garment, our catalogue of cargo trousers is sure to have an option that meets your needs. All of the items we stock are constructed from a robust blend of cotton and polyester, meaning they’re comfortable to wear but built to last, too. Meanwhile, the multitude of pockets, belt loops and other design features allow you and your staff to sail through your working day with maximum efficiency and minimum stress.

Personalised Cargo Trousers

With options to suit every kind of manual profession, from park ranger to professional chef to bricklayer to road worker, we’re a one-stop shop for all your workwear trouser needs. Make your selection depending on the exact circumstances of your industry, but be mindful of the following features that certain options offer:

  • A plethora of pockets. Perhaps the most immediately recognisable feature of cargo pants, trousers and shorts is their capacity for storage. All of the articles stocked at Garment Printing are endowed with a variety of front, side and rear pockets to ensure there is plenty of room to carry all of your tools and trinkets as you go about your business.
  • Belt loops in abundance. Continuing the same theme, cargo pants offer even more storage space through the loops on the waistline. This not only makes ensuring a snugger fit with the aid of a belt as easy as pie, but also allows the wearer to hang hammers, wrenches and other tools from them, as well as all manner of hiking equipment using carabiner clips.
  • Padded protection. Many industrial workplaces require staff to work in inclement conditions or in uncomfortable positions; landscape gardeners, for example, spend the majority of their time kneeling down. With added padding in the knees, this kind of annoyance ceases to be a problem, making them the ideal article of clothing for the job.
  • Hi-vis reflectivity. Road labourers who toil near busy traffic or warehouse workers who must ensure they’re seen by their colleagues can certainly benefit from hi-vis clothing. Indeed, many professions require the use of such garments at all times, so cargo pants equipped with reflective strips and fluorescent colours can satisfy those legal obligations.
  • Stress points and adjustable waistbands. Often, the most demanding working environments can also be the most uncomfortable. With that in mind, several of our cargo trousers offer bar-tacked stress points and elasticated waistbands, allowing the wearer to achieve a relaxed but secure fit and enjoy maximum comfort in the workplace.
  • Water-repellent or -resistant materials. Many manual jobs take place outdoors. Given that Great Britain is not well known for its great weather, it’s almost inevitable that workers will have to work through drizzle and downpours on more than one occasion. Water-repellent and water-resistant cargo trousers can keep their lower body dry as they work.

Branded Chef Hats

When sourcing the articles of clothing to include in our online catalogue, Garment Printing only ever work with reputable manufacturers who have spent many years establishing themselves in the industry. For example, we stock cargo trousers made by such household brands as DickiesPortwestPremierRegatta and Work Guard. Having that hallmark of quality means you’re guaranteed that every time you purchase a garment from us, you know you’re getting an item that will deliver incredible performance and unrivalled longevity.

We offer cargo trousers in a range of different colours, sizes and styles – in fact, we even supply cargo shorts, for those working during the summer months or in hotter internal environments! Whatever purpose you intend to use the trousers for, whichever industry you operate in, we’ve got an option that’s bound to suit you.

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