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Your t shirt printing specialists in the UK. Over the past 20 years, Garment Printing has been bringing custom t shirt design to life. We have seen and handled it all, from companies needing their logo printed for an activation, to marathon goodie bag prizes, to unusual and unique gifts. Custom t shirt printing is the name of our game, and we continue to come out on top with high quality products every time.

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Design Your Own T Shirt

Looking for a custom t shirt? It could not be simpler with our online t shirt design process, which can be done from anywhere, in a few clicks.
First, you need to choose from our wide range of t shirts. We understand that everyone loves a different t shirt style, colour and fit, so you will find an array of sizes. 

AS Colour
Mens Staple Tee

Gildan - Softstyle™ Adult Ringspun T-Shirt

StanleyStella Unisex Creator Iconic T-Shirt

Men's / Unisex Classic Jersey T Shirt - Earth Positive

AS Colour - Wo's Maple
Organic Tee

Gildan - Softstyle™ Womens Ringspun T Shirt

StanleyStella - Rocker The Essential Unisex T-Shirt

Womens Classic Jersey T Shirt Earth Positive

Custom T Shirt Printing Techniques

We use a variety of different printing techniques for our custom t shirts, depending on the design and the fabric of the shirt. 

personalised t shirts - screen printing

T Shirt Screen Printing

T shirt screen printing is a great way to add some bright colours and designs to t shirts. You can use screen printing on t shirts made from any type of fabric.

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personalised t shirts - direct to garment printing

DTG T Shirt Printing

DTG printing is a process of printing digital images directly onto fabric using inkjet technology. This method is used to create high-quality, full-colour prints on T-shirts and other apparel. 

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t shirt printing - embroidered t shirts

T Shirt Embroidery

The process of embroidering a shirt is done by stitching thread through a piece of cloth. This is often done to create designs or pictures on the fabric. This type of t shirt printing works best on t shirts made from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk. It is not suitable for synthetic materials

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t shirt printing - sublimation printing

T Shirt Sublimation Printing

Sublimation t shirts are a all over printed shirt that is made using a special process. The shirt is first printed using a special ink. Then, the ink is heated until it becomes a gas. This gas is then injected into the fabric of the shirt, where it fuses with the fibers and permanently bonds with them.

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T Shirt Transfer Printing

A T Shirt transfer is a way to print a picture or words on a T Shirt. This t-shirt printing technique involves putting ink on the t shirt using a t shirt transfer solution. This t-shirt printing method is then put into a t shirt heat press, where it will be heated up to around 200°C. 

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Vinyl T Shirt Printing

Vinyl t shirts are perfect for t shirts with simple designs that need just one color. Vinyl t-shirt transfers are made of a long-lasting adhesive material, so they usually last for years without peeling or fading. Vinyl t-shirts are also waterproof and easy to clean, so they’re perfect for t shirts with sports logos on them.

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Glow In The Dark T Shirts

Glow In The Dark T Shirts

The t shirt printing process involves applying a glow in the dark ink onto a t shirt using a special screen. This t shirt process is usually done as a two-step process, which involves first printing the t shirt fabric with a regular ink and then applying a special glow in the dark ink over it.

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Embossed T Shirt Printing

Embossing a t shirt is similar to embroidering t shirts, as they both use thread and stitching. The main difference is that t shirt embossing involves using a t shirt pressing machine with the design on it to stamp or press patterns into t shirts. This t-shirt printing process creates an indentation in the fabric

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t shirt logo printing

T Shirt Logo Printing

If you want to print a logo on a shirt, there are some things you need to know. The most important thing is the size of the logo. You’ll also need to know the color of the shirt and what type of fabric it is made from. You’ll also need to decide if you want it just on the front or on the front and the back. 

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t shirt photo printing

T Shirt Photo Printing

Is a t shirt printing method where the design is printed on with special photosensitive ink. The t-shirt transfer is then put into t shirt photo developer solution. This t-shirt transfer printing process makes t shirts that are soft to touch and feel like real photographs, as they have an almost identical texture.

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Organic T Shirt Printing

Our printing process uses water- based inks, which are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. We also use a direct-to-garment printing process, which eliminates the need for harmful chemicals or solvents. In addition to being eco-friendly, our printing process results in high quality prints that will last long after you’ve put your t shirt through the wash.

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Our T Shirt Printing Gallery

Get the inspiration you need for your upcoming custom t shirt printing project. See personalised t shirt designs and customisations we have helped our customers create!

Personalised T shirts Printing Eco friendly Printed t shirt
Personalised T shirts Printing DTG Printing t shirt
Personalised T shirts Printing DTG Printing t shirt
Personalised T shirts Printing Embroidery Printed t shirt

Organic & Eco Friendly Personalised T Shirts

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T Shirt Printing Services

Quality, affordability, customer service? All of the above? 
When it comes to t shirt printing services, you want to make sure you go with a company that can offer you all of the above and more. 
At Garment Printing, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best t shirt printing services in the business. 
From high quality printing to unbeatable customer service, we have you covered.

Cheap T Shirt Printing

Bulk T Shirt Printing

Next Day T Shirt Printing

Baby T Shirt Printing

Baby T Shirt Printing

T Shirt Printing For Men

Personalised Mens T Shirts

T Shirt Printing For Women

Cheap Printed Womens T Shirts

Childrens T Shirt Printing

Childrens Personalised T Shirts
Personalised Work T Shirt

Work T Shirt Printing and Uniform Printing

We offer a professional t shirt printing service that is perfect for businesses, teams and events.
We can print any design or logo on to a t shirt, and we offer a range of sizes and colours to choose from. We also have a team of experts on hand to help you with any queries you may have. 

Personalised Polo Shirts

Polo Shirt Printing

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality personalised polo shirts for every occasion and need. Custom polo shirts are versatile, making them a go-to item for sports, corporate uniforms, office, casual and workwear. We are the custom polo shirt supplier in the UK.

Sports T Shirt Printing

Our sports t shirt printing services are perfect for sports teams, clubs and individuals who need to create custom sports shirts quickly and easily.
We use the latest printing technology to produce high quality sports t shirts that will look great and last long. 
Our sports t shirt printing service is fast, efficient and affordable, so you can get great quality sports t shirts without breaking the bank. 

Rugby Shirts

Personalised Rugby Shirts

Football Shirts

Personalised Football Shirts

Golf Shirts

Personalised Golf Shirts (1)

Running Tops

Personalised Running Tops

Cycling Jerseys

Personalised Cycling Jerseys

Custom T Shirt Printing Brands

There are a number of custom t shirt brands that we at Garment Printing love to work with.  
Some focus on eco-friendly materials and manufacturing practices others on high-quality construction. 
The quality and range of their products is always excellent, and they always provide a fantastic custom t shirt printing service. 

Fruit Of The Loom T Shirt Printing

gildan personalised t shirts

Gildan T Shirt Printing

Personalised t shirts gildan

Stanley Stella T Shirt Printing

Personalised t shirts stanley stella

AWDis T Shirt Printing

Personalised T shirts AWDis

Regatta T Shirt Printing

Personalised T shirts Regatta

Why choose garment printing

With over 20 years of industry related experience, we can confidently say that we are t shirt printing specialists. With this experience comes added benefits of:

Having the capacity to take on all kinds of t shirt printing jobs, both big and small

Not relying on minimum quantity orders

Selling bulk orders at wholesale t shirt printing costs

Having a team deliver quality prints and affordable t shirt printing at competitive prices

The ability organise next day delivery, for those tight deadline jobs, with our state of the art machinery that allows for fast turnaround and production time

Guaranteeing reliable, passionate and excellent service from our team