By its very nature, automotive work can be a dirtier job than most other professions. A mechanic must spend all day fiddling around with the innards of cars and vans, which necessarily involves spillages and stains of oil, fuel and other grease and grime. As such, a heavy-duty uniform which can withstand the wear and tear of a gruelling work routine is an essential part of a mechanic’s wardrobe.


Of course, it’s not just protection of the clothes underneath that adequate mechanic’s workwear can provide. A top-quality uniform will also safeguard the wearer from any chemicals or other contaminants they come into contact with, as well as ensuring that the automobile on which they are working is not scratched or damaged in any way. Health and safety is an important consideration in any workplace and a busy garage, where falling equipment and dangerous substances can pose a risk to anyone working in it, is no exception. As well as a robust set of guidelines and protocols to minimise the likelihood of accidents taking place, appropriate safety gear should also be worn.

Personalised Mechanic Uniform

Finally, a smart and stylish uniform can do wonders for the public image of any business, including those worn by mechanics. When a customer arrives to drop off their malfunctioning car or to request an MOT on their vehicle, they’re likely to be far more reassured as to the professionalism and ability of those who greet them if the person is clothed in well-turned-out workwear, complete with the name of the company and its logo printed or embroidered into the fabric. In fact, this kind of first impression can be all-important in securing a customer for life or, in its absence, encouraging a prospective client to look elsewhere.

At Garment Printing, we’re conscious of all three of those key aspects when it comes to assembling the perfect mechanic’s workwear: functionality, safety and image all come together in each of the items we stock. Among other articles, our extensive collection includes:

  • Overalls and coveralls, which effectively protect the entire body from oil, fuel, paint and any other stains or spillages that may occur. Meanwhile, many of the models we offer are stud-fronted, meaning there’s no danger of damaging paintwork or scratching panels during use. Finally, the multitude of pockets offer ample storage solutions, while the padded knees relieve the stress and strain on two of the body’s more sensitive joints.
  • Shirts, jackets and coats. From padded jackets designed to protect against the cold to waterproof options with internal pockets that’ll keep you and your tools dry and warm, we stock a range of outerwear that’s perfect for use by mechanics. Adjustable hems and cuffs make them versatile for the environment you’re working in, while zipped pockets provide a safe place to store implements and accessories while on the job.
  • Safety boots and shoes. For workers who must routinely venture underneath raised cars or use jacks to lift up even weightier vehicles, the danger of falling apparatus or machinery is a very real concern. The use steel, aluminium or composite toe cap shoes and boots can provide a barrier to serious injury, thus making them a useful component of any mechanic’s uniform. Meanwhile, under sole protection and anti-slip properties also come in handy.
  • Trousers. Whether you require cargo pants, denim-style jeans or insulated ski bottoms, the sheer breadth and depth of the trouser options in our online catalogue mean there will undoubtedly be an option to suit your needs. Match them up with a shirt or overcoat and you can achieve a consistent look that communicates the professionalism of your staff to anyone who visits your premises.

Professional Mechanic Uniform

The items listed above represent just a fraction of the extensive stock we carry at Garment Printing, all of which has been sourced from established suppliers. We’re proud to work with such giants of the industry as Dickies, Portwest and Work Guard, each of whom have forged an impressive reputation in delivering high-quality garments that are geared towards allowing the wearer to feel comfortable as they go about their duties. The hallmark of quality that each of those brands carries also testifies to the durability and longevity of their products, as well.


As experts in personalising workwear for any industry, we are well-placed to help you create branded mechanic’s uniforms that reflect your company’s ethos.


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From transfer printing to dye sublimation to embroidery, our expertise with all manner of branding techniques means we can recommend the best option for your unique needs and deliver a stunning outcome, every single time.


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