A good impression is a crucial contributing factor towards success in any industry. For tradespeople like plumbers, who depend upon repeat custom and word-of-mouth advertising for their livelihoods, it becomes all important.


A plumber who arrives at a client’s doorstep wearing a clean and crisp uniform is going to immediately create an impression that he knows his business and is well-equipped to carry it out. Meanwhile, one wearing slovenly attire will only communicate the lack of importance they attribute to their appearance – which consciously or subconsciously will influence the client’s perception of their work ethic and the professionalism of the company they represent.

Personalised Plumber Uniforms

For that reason, it’s essential that you ensure all of the plumbing staff on your payroll are kitted out in smart and stylish uniforms that portray the values of your brand. Not only will the workwear help to establish a reputation for your company of trustworthiness and accomplishment, but the branding upon it can also serve as free advertising materials when your staff are out and about among the general public. Coordinate the uniforms with the colour scheme and imaging on your other marketing channels and you’ll achieve a sense of consistency that ensures your company name lives long in the mind of prospective customers and returning clients alike.

In addition to creating a positive image of your business, a high-quality plumber’s uniform can also be instrumental in allowing your employees to carry out their duties safely, efficiently and effectively. For example, a plumber’s responsibilities will require them to come into contact with water on a daily basis, often in copious amounts.


As a result, a waterproof outer-garment, such as overalls, a jacket or coat might comprise an essential part of their wardrobe in keeping them dry while on the job. Meanwhile, safety boots or trainers, constructed from water-repellent materials and equipped with non-slip properties, can be crucial in preventing falls or accidents at work. Helmets and gloves can provide additional safety and security during the working day, as well.


The final ingredient for a truly successful piece of plumber’s workwear is practicality. It’s certainly possible that ordinary clothing could serve a purpose and allow a plumber to undertake their duties, but items that have been specifically manufactured with the plumber’s trade in mind will give them that extra advantage compared to the competition. For example, a pair of cargo trousers featuring numerous pockets and belt loops will give them ample space to store the tools of their trade and access them more easily throughout the working day. Meanwhile, those which are fitted with built-in kneepads will be most welcome to professionals who spend much of their time kneeling down, especially if they already suffer from joint pain.


At Garment Printing, we’re well aware of the importance of all of these factors when compiling an optimum uniform for plumbing personnel. That’s why each item we stock has been manufactured by a company which specialises in the industry, considering all of the angles and accommodating all of the requirements of a plumber while busy at work. Among the leading names you’ll find in our online catalogue, there are articles made by DickiesPortwest and Work Guard, each of whom have invested years establishing themselves as the foremost suppliers of plumber’s workwear. When you buy from us, you’ll be guaranteed the same hallmark of quality as buying from them.

Professional Plumber Uniforms

Of course, the additional value that we provide comes in the range of garments we stock – and in the customisation services we offer. Nothing communicates a professional aesthetic (or raises your brand profile) quite like having printed uniforms for all of your staff.


Our expertise with an array of different printing techniques, including CAD cut vinyl transferdye sublimation and embroidery, means we can select the appropriate method which will work best according to the item of clothing you wish to be personalised and the size, colour and complexity of your design. This means that regardless of the situation, we can consistently deliver excellent results, every single time.


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Another selling point of our service is our wholesaler status. Due to the exclusive nature of our long-standing relationship with our suppliers, we can access plumber’s workwear items at generous discounts from the high-street and we’re more than happy to pass those savings onto you. Take advantage of our bulk buy system and multiply your savings even further!


To obtain a no-obligation quote on your next order, or to inquire about any of the services we provide or items we stock, don’t hesitate to get in contact. We can be reached on 0207 101 9315 or via our online contact form – simply fill it out and someone will get back to you as soon as possible, which is usually within 15 minutes during working hours. We’re waiting to hear from you!


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