It’s a fact of life that some jobs are more dangerous than others and some workplaces pose greater risk to the health and safety of the staff employed there than others do. It’s a legal requirement for all such environments to operate strict health and safety protocols, including various forms of guidelines, training and supervision, in order to minimise the danger of an individual suffering injury while on duty.


Unfortunately, accidents will always happen on occasion, even with the most robust precautions in place. For that reason, there is further legislation which requires employers to supply their workforce with personal protective equipment – more commonly known as PPE – where appropriate. PPE can comprise all manner of safety apparel and accessories, from hard hats and hi-vis vests to gloves and steel toe cap boots. If your business operates in an industry which precipitates some risk to its employees, it’s likely that the obligation to clothe your employees in the requisite PPE lies with you. If in doubt, check the regulations overseeing your industry on the official government website or contact the British Safety Industry Federation for advice.

Personalised Protective Equipment

In order to satisfy the conditions imposed upon workplace PPE, the items in question must be relevant to the specific threats present in the environment in your industry and neutralise them or minimise the risk that they pose to your staff as much as possible. We understand the importance of complying with these regulations, which is why our extensive online catalogue of workwear articles of clothing has plenty of PPE options for you to choose from. That includes:

  • Bump caps, hard hats and LED beanies. Whether on a construction site or in a busy factory warehouse, the risk of falling items from above can pose a serious risk to health and life, since a head injury could potentially be fatal. Our safety helmets provide robust protection against weightier objects, while our bump caps promote ventilation and safety at the same time. Meanwhile, LED beanies are great at illuminating dimly lit locations while still keeping the hands free to work.
  • Hi-vis apparel. Workers employed in low-light conditions or on or near roads and railway tracks must remain visible to other people at all times to avoid being struck by fast-moving traffic. We offer a full range of hi-vis safety clothing, from vests and waistcoats to coats, jackets and trousers. We even stock t-shirts, polos and hoodies for a more casual working environment! All of our garments meet Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3 EN ISO 20471 international standards as required.
  • Gloves. Certain workplaces, such as those found in the construction, maintenance and automotive industries, require staff to use their hands for hard-wearing and potentially injurious tasks. Equipping them with the proper gloves can not only protect their skin from abrasion, burning or chemical contamination, but it can also provide the additional grip needed for them to perform their duties to their full potential.
  • Safety spectacles. There are many jobs in which the eyes of employees are at risk from being damaged, either through fragments of shrapnel, particles of dust and dirt, prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun or contamination from fog, smoke or other vapours. Our comprehensive range of safety spectacles are geared towards providing protection against all of these threats, while their wraparound structure offers unimpeded vision while safeguarding the eyes from all angles.
  • Safety boots and shoes. Falling equipment or machinery can do lasting damage to the toes and feet if it impacts upon them. Steel, aluminium and composite toe capped boots or shoes are a prerequisite in many working environments for that very reason, providing the wearer with added insurance against injury in case the worse should happen. Other safety features of such footwear include midsole and undersole protection, anti-slip and anti-static properties and water resistance or water repellence.

Professional PPE

We take care to ensure that all of the PPE items in stock at Garment Printing have been sourced from reputable suppliers (such as DickiesPortwestRegatta and Tactical Threads) and are certified by the relevant authorities and governing bodies.


Constructed of sturdy materials, they’re built to perform and engineered to last, giving you peace of mind that a purchase from us is one that’ll serve you and your staff well for today, tomorrow and many moons to come.


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