It’s never a good idea to play with fire, but some industries do require their employees to work alongside it. Any person whose occupation necessitates exposure to extreme temperatures or naked flames must take adequate precautions to protect themselves from burning, scalding or worse. In the heat of the moment, wearing flame-retardant and flame-resistant clothing can mean the difference between life and death.


This is because the fibres in these kinds of clothing have been specially developed to withstand combustion, thereby buying the wearer an extra few seconds to take the necessary measures to extinguish the flames or get themselves to a safe location. Any employer whose workforce are exposed to flames or excessive heat in a potentially dangerous environment must, by law, provide sufficient protection against those evils. For that reason, it’s essential that you issue flame-retardant or flame-resistant workwear to those employees which require it.

Flame Retardant Clothing in the Workplace

For many fledgling businesses or small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the expense involved in procuring such safety gear can seem like a huge outlay – but it pales in comparison to the penalties imposed if you are found to be in contravention of the rules. Worse yet, should a blaze break out in your place of work and your staff are not effectively protected, the consequences could be far more catastrophic than any monetary ones. Thankfully, Garment Printing work with a range of reputable suppliers to find and offer you the finest quality flame-retardant and flame-resistant work gear, all at very competitive prices.

Flame-retardant vs flame-resistant

For the uninitiated, the definitions flame-retardant and flame-resistant can seem confusingly similar. While they are both related to clothing that has been specifically engineered to protect against combustion, they actually refer to very different things. Here’s a quick breakdown of each one in isolation:

  • Flame-retardant attire is treated with a certain set of chemicals in order to slow down the spread of fire. While these clothes are not resistant to flames or fireproof in any way, they do grant the wearer extra time to take action, which could be the difference between sustaining serious injury and escaping, or even between life and death. They work by releasing a set of chemicals upon exposure to a naked flame or extreme heat source, which stifle the oxygen in the vicinity and thereby make it more difficult for the fire to spread.
  • Flame-resistant attire is different in that the molecule structures of the fabrics used in the garment are themselves not flammable. Rather than emit chemicals to overwhelm the oxygen and thereby smother the flame, these articles of clothing will simply swell upon contact with a flame or when exposed to extreme temperatures and become thicker and denser to the touch. Since they do not burn or melt when combusted, they provide an extra barrier between the heat and the skin, thus preventing first-, second- and third-degree burns for longer.

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We understand the importance of clothing your workforce in apparel that’s fitting to the task, but we are also well aware of the financial pressures faced by businesses in all industries. That’s why we offer a range of different flame-retardant and flame-resistant clothing suitable for all purposes and viable for all budgets. What’s more, we ensure we only ever work with highly regarded manufacturers who have established themselves as frontrunners in the industry, such as Portwest and Yoko. This means that when you purchase a piece of safety workwear from Garment Printing, you can rest assured that it will stand the test of time.

Protective Flame Retardant Clothing for Work

From waistcoats to vests to coveralls, we have a range of flame-retardant and flame-resistant options to suit your needs. In fact, many customers prefer to layer their workwear in order to achieve even greater protection against flames.


According to industry tests, wearing more than one layer of such clothing can multiply by four the time that the wearer has to avoid second-degree burns, up from five seconds when worn individually to an incredible 21.28 seconds when worn in conjunction with another safety item.


With that in mind, it may be beneficial to purchase several different workwear options at the same time, thus simultaneously taking advantage of the generous bulk buy discounts that we offer.


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