“It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.”


How many times have you heard that quote? While it might be mostly used in Hollywood blockbusters to refer to the unglamorous job faced by cops and detectives as they deal with less savoury members of society, it’s also highly relevant to all manner of real-life industries. There are some jobs which, by their very nature, entail a large amount of mess.


That’s why overalls were invented. A convenient item of clothing, these one-pieces do exactly what they say on the tin – they go over everything else. They’re generally manufactured from a highly durable materials, making them perfect for extreme working environments, and while a range of different sizes are available, they’re normally produced in a baggy style to allow them to fit easily over other garments.

Workwear Overalls

 This allows the wearer maximum comfort and flexibility to carry out their duties to the best of their ability, all the while safeguarding their other items of clothing from damage, discolouration or destruction.

An overall to suit any occupation

We fully understand the difficulties faced by workers toiling in dirty, inclement or hazardous conditions, which is why we provide a comprehensive range of workwear overalls suitable to any environment. Among others, we stock options to suit the following occupations:

  • Mechanics, who must protect their clothing from oil, petrol, rust and any number of other corrosive substances
  • Electricians, who deal with live sources of power and must be protected as well as possible
  • Painters and decorators, whose entire job revolves around dealing with substances that do not come out clothing through simple washing
  • Rail workers, who battle against soot, coal, smoke and all manner of other dirty gases, liquids and solids
  • Gardeners, who spend the entirety of their working day outdoors and count dirt, muck and mud as the literal tools of their trade
  • Sewage workers, who take on the unenviable job of dealing with all kinds of waste so that the rest of us don’t have to
  • Bricklayers and builders, who are constantly working with cement, concrete and other substances that do irreparable damage to clothing
  • Engineers, whose job can take them into all types of hazardous or extreme environments where cleanliness is at a premium

Of course, the above list is by no means exhaustive and there are scores of other professions where workers can benefit from a good-quality set of overalls. Why not browse our online catalogue and find an option that’s ideal for your unique circumstances?

A range of additional features

As well as their primary function of keeping other clothes clean and free from blemish, overalls can also provide a range of other features that can be beneficial from both a practical and a safety perspective. Here are a few of the different options which mark out our collection from the competition:

  • Hi-vis overalls. Those working in low-light conditions, where high-speed traffic is in play or otherwise hazardous environments must ensure that they are seen at all times. Being covered from head to toe in luminous clothing is an ideal way to achieve that, guaranteeing maximum safety to the wearer.
  • Flame-retardant and flame-resistant overalls. Many workplaces involve toiling in elevated temperatures or at exposure to naked flames. Flame-retardant and flame-resistant overalls contain specially designed fibres which slow down the spread of flames, potentially saving lives in the process.
  • Water-proof and water-resistant overalls. There are countless workers whose daily routine sees them exposed to the elements. Unfortunately, one characteristic of the Great British climate is the reliability of precipitation, so having a pair of overalls to keep you warm and dry is all but essential.
  • Multiple pockets. In comparison to the safety features outlined above, having a multitude of pockets might not seem as urgent – but it’s certainly one feature which will come in handy. Most occupations which require overalls also involve much manual labour, so having a place to store all the tools necessary for the job is important.

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Regardless of the industry you work in, Garment Printing are sure to have an overall option to satisfy. We only ever with respected workwear manufacturers, such as DickiesPortwest and Yoko, so you can always rest assured that an overall bought from us will combine quality, longevity and style in one attractive package.


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