For those employed in an active working environment, looking after your feet is an essential part of your profession. In industrial workplaces where heavy machinery and falling equipment can pose a risk to your health and safety, it’s even more imperative to ensure that you’re properly equipped for the job. That’s where steel toe caps can come into their own.

Of course, it’s far preferable for companies to adopt a rigorous health and safety protocol, packed full of procedures and precautions which minimise the chance of such incidents occurring in the first place. However, accidents inevitably do happen from time to time and both your workforce and your insurance premiums will thank you for making sure they’re properly kitted out when they do

Steel Toe Cap Boots for Work

Indeed, in many industries, supplying your staff with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) is a legal requirement. Alongside hi-vis jackets and hard hats, steel toe cap boots and other types of safety trainers and shoes can comprise an integral part of your company’s uniform. Depending on the environment in which your employees work and the duties with which they’re tasked, there are a variety of different steel toe cap solutions to meet their unique needs. Here are just some of the options in stock at Garment Printing:

  • Standard safety boot. The jack-of-all-trades safety boot comes in a variety of styles and sizes, with steel, composite and aluminium toe cap varieties available. Other enhanced safety features include a steel midsole for underfoot protection, a slip-resistant and anti-static sole and water repellent leather on the external façade.
  • Hi safety boot. A variation on the theme, these boots reach higher up the leg, offering greater support to the ankle and additional protection to the shin and calf. They’re invariably equipped with toe cap protection and padded collars and tongues, as well as often boasting underfoot protection in the shape of steel or cemented rubber insoles, too.
  • Everyday safety shoe. The perfect marriage of comfort and safety, these trainer-like items of footwear have been designed with the user in mind. With a breathable textile lining and greater flexibility than boots, the shoes still carry all of the relevant safety features, such as steel toe caps and midsoles and fuel-, oil- and slip-resistance.
  • Rigger boot. For those working in outdoor environments and extreme conditions, enhanced rigger boots are the ideal option. They combine steel toe cap and midsole protection with all the practicalities of Wellington boots, including a fully waterproof exterior and a fur-lined interior to keep you dry, warm and safe all at the same time.
  • Corporate safety shoe. There are times when safety remains a priority, but you equally don’t want to compromise on the professionalism and style of you and your workforce’s appearance. These classic black safety shoes provide the solution, combining a smart aesthetic with optimum safety features and a comfortable fit in one superb package.
  • Safety clog. Meanwhile, there are also workplaces where temperature and humidity can become oppressive, making ventilated footwear that also offers safety benefits a necessity. The padded collar gives supreme comfort and the steel toe protects against falling objects, while the detachable rear strap makes removal a doddle. Ideal for kitchen environments.

Professional Protective Boots

With so many options and design features to choose from, you’re bound to find the footwear you require among Garment Printing’s extensive catalogue. We only ever work with tried and trusted manufacturers, including giants of the industrial footwear world such as DickiesPortwestRegattaTactical Threads and Work Guard, meaning you can rest assured that all of our items are made from the highest quality materials, with performance and longevity firmly at the fore.

Protective footwear purchased from Garment Printing is an investment for today, tomorrow and the future.

As long-standing partners with each of these brands, we can also access unique pricing models that simply aren’t available to the vast majority of consumers.

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