There are few working environments as hot, hectic and high-pressure as a busy kitchen. A thousand orders come through every single day, while chefs must display impressive multitasking and problem-solving skills to ensure all deadlines are met and chaos is kept at bay. One of the integral ingredients in that recipe for success is a uniform that’s both stylish and practical, allowing the kitchen staff to perform their duties quickly and effectively and look great while doing so.


When most people think of a chef’s uniform, they probably immediately conjure up images of a turned-up skull cap, buttoned-down jacket or black-and-white striped apron. However, trousers are an equally important facet of the wardrobe, setting off the aesthetic created by the top half of the ensemble while allowing the wearer the flexibility and freedom of movement necessary to undertake all the tasks required in a kitchen workplace. With that in mind, we stock a wide range of different chef trouser options to suit all styles, sizes and budgets.

Workwear and Chef’s Trousers

When it comes to any uniform, there are three crucial aspects which must come together in order to ensure the wearer achieves optimal performance during working hours. The first is functionality; the trousers must be equipped to help them carry out all of their duties efficiently and without impediment. The second is comfort, since an employee who feels unrestricted and relaxed in their work clothing – no matter what industry they operate in – is sure to enjoy greater productivity levels and higher morale than one who feels awkward or uncomfortable. And finally, the success of workwear hinges upon its appearance, since portraying a smart and savvy image to the outside world is a crucial aspect in taking your business to the next level. Fortunately, every item of clothing sourced by Garment Printing factors in all three of those considerations, resulting in top-of-the-range chef’s wear wardrobes to satisfy any situation.

For starters, all of our chef’s trousers are fitted with a number of handily placed pockets, allowing them to store any utensils they may need while moving around the kitchen. They’re even deep enough to comfortably fit a mobile device, if necessary. The elasticated waistline is complemented by a drawstring to allow for easy pull-on and adjustment to any body shape, ensuring maximum comfort for the wearer throughout the entirety of their shift. The blend of cotton and polyester from which all of our trousers are manufactured further emphasises this cosiness, resulting in breathable trousers perfect for a hot and humid kitchen environment.


Last but certainly not least, every item in our chef’s trouser range has been hand-selected for its superior style and sophistication. There are options to suit every kind of workplace, from traditional chequered trousers that are perfect for a more conventional kitchen, to ultra-modern choices better suited to a contemporary workplace. Those looking to update their aesthetic can choose from slim-fit kitchen trousers, casual-look cargo pants or even denim-feel artisan jogger bottoms. Whatever image your brand aims to adhere to, we’ve got an option to suit.

Branded Chef Trousers

Of course, all of those aforementioned trousers can be further customised to complement your existing ethos. As one of the foremost retailers of branded clothing in the UK, we can print any design or name onto the fabric that you desire, incorporating company names, logos and other information onto the uniform as specified by you. Our familiarity with a range of printing techniques, from direct-to-garment (DTG) printing to dye sublimation to CAD cut vinyl, means we can always select the best option for the particular situation. Meanwhile, our expertise with embroidery allows us to offer an extra elegance to the uniforms which many customers appreciate, making it our most sought-after printing technique with regard to kitchen workwear.


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We pride ourselves on only ever working with respected and established suppliers of chef’s wear, including Dennys and Premier. This means that you when you buy a pair of chef’s trousers from us, you’re guaranteed to receive the quality and consistency that such a hallmark brings, as well as the longevity associated with those household names. The trousers you buy today will not only serve your workforce well tomorrow, but for many moons to come, too.


If you have any questions about our range of attractive chef’s trousers, or would like to enquire about the generous discounts we offer to wholesale customers buying in bulk, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. We can be reached on 0207 101 9315 or via our online contact form and our team of friendly, professional experts aim to respond to all messages within a maximum of 15 minutes during working hours. What are you waiting for? Put the wheels in motion today!


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