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Garment Printing has been in the printing and embroidery business for over 15 years and we’ve been at the forefront of many new and upcoming printing techniques. In recent times, we’ve discussed the future of 3D printed T Shirts, we’ve started our own On Demand T-Shirt printing service and, even more recently, we’ve started our new ‘Made To Order’ service (which I’ll discuss in depth at a later date).

Having this experience means that we’re always able and willing to answer our customer’s queries when it comes to the printing services that we provide but there’s one question that continually pops up from time to time and that question is simply “why do you need to get personalised t shirts?“.

The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think because there are many different reasons and occasions when printed tee’s can come in use. So in this post, I’m going to run through the top 10 most popular reasons why you might want to get some custom T Shirts made up:


When you’re thinking about printed merchandise, most people don’t consider printed T Shirts but T Shirts can make excellent marketing material. They can be used in many different ways which can help to promote your brand, increase your customer base and they can also get you recognised with the minimum of effort.

If you have your logo printed onto a T-Shirt, that T-Shirt can be seen thousands of times a day if you’re walking around and, without knowing it, you’re subjecting people to your marketing campaign – the more people wearing your T-Shirt the more marketing exposure you get!

2. For employees:

It’s been known for a long, long time that printed or embroidered staff uniforms are an excellent way of helping your staff to look and feel professional and confident and this helps them to feel more like they’re part of a team.

In some industries, providing staff workwear also helps to protect your employee’s clothing – something which is always appreciated. By providing staff uniforms for your team, you’re also turning each member of staff into a representative for your company and ensuring that your brand has a professional appearance which doesn’t go unnoticed by guests and customers.


T Shirts have been used for advertising for years now and it’s a fantastic way of advertising yourself, your brand, your company, your cause and anything else that you can think of. Whether you’re selling T Shirts at a promotional event or giving them away (or even using a combination of both), you will have people advertising your business / cause / brand just by simply walking around.

4. Customer appreciation:

Customer appreciation is often considered a lost art, but smart businesses know that showing customers how much they actually mean to you is an opportunity to turn them from a customer into a customer for life. A simple gift of a printed T-Shirt is the perfect way to say thank you to your customers for their continued support and ensures that they’ll always remember you in the future and will continue to make repeat orders.


If you’re looking for a way of letting people know who you are, then T Shirts are definitely the right way to go about it. It’s the perfect way to promote your business and generate extra sales simply by wearing a branded t shirt.

The beauty of custom t shirt printing is that you can make your designs as bold and as eye-catching as you want to ensure that you’re always turning people’s heads and they’ll always remember your brand based on your design.


If you’re planning a team building exercise then creating some T Shirts for those taking part is the perfect, positive reminder of the team-building spirit even after the exercise is over. Even if there are people who attend who don’t particularly get involved – everyone loves receiving free goodies and a free T-Shirt always makes the perfect gift.

If you’re having a team building event where you split the group into teams – you could differentiate the teams by providing sets of T Shirts to each group. This not only builds a sense of teamwork within the two teams, but it also helps the enjoyment of the event and ensures that your team will never forget the occasion.


A stag or a hen do is often a huge event where you’re celebrating your last night of “freedom” while also welcoming in a new chapter of your life. By getting printing T Shirts made for everyone who’s attending, you’re giving everyone a chance to remember the occasion perfectly as the T-Shirt will remain in the attendees possession long after the event has finished.

T Shirts are often created showing off the stag or the hen in an embarrassing moment to make sure that it’s an event which they will never forget and they’ll be constantly reminded of this every time they look in the cupboard.

8. Volunteers:

If you’re arranging a charity event, a sporting event or pretty much any event that you can think of, chances are there’s going to be volunteers who are helping you to organise and run the event. By providing the volunteers with printed T Shirts you’re letting the attendees and other workers know exactly who they are which allows the volunteers to be quickly identified.

By providing all of the volunteers with printed T Shirts you’re also encouraging the team mentality amongst them and other staff members – which is always a good thing!


If you’re in a team, getting custom printed T Shirts is a great way of encouraging team spirit and also invoking a sense of pride and belonging. All teams throughout the world wear individual kits and T Shirts as a way of differentiating themselves from the opposition and it helps the team to feel more together and, as a result, work together much better than before.

A well-designed T-Shirt can also help you recruit more members to your team!


It’s a well-known fact that charities are always looking for ways to promote their cause and to help raise money through donations. Printed charity T Shirts are an excellent way to declare a good cause to help celebrate any special event which is designed to raise money for a charity.

Examples of this could be a marathon which is raising money for cancer awareness, a food drive for your local homeless shelter, a football match which is raising money for people with disabilities – no matter what the cause is, having printed T Shirts is an excellent way of raising awareness and money for your cause.

What’s more, you could sell the T Shirts at your event to help generate extra income which can continually support your cause. These T Shirts could also continue to be sold after the event has finished ensuring that the donations don’t stop when you do.

So, as you can see, T Shirts can be used for many different reasons but it doesn’t end with these 10 examples. You might just want to design your own T-Shirt and wear something unique and personal to you. You may be looking for the perfect birthday present for a friend or a loved one and creating a personalised T-Shirt with a unique design on which is tailored just for the recipient is the ideal present.

There are many examples why T shirt printing and personalised clothing can be important for individuals, charities, businesses and teams and no matter what your reasons for wanting printed T Shirts are – make sure you speak to Garment Printing to take advantage of our Price Beat Promise, express printing and delivery service and our excellent price break system if you’re looking to buy bulk printed T shirts.

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