10 Reasons why you should choose DTG printing



Choosing Direct To Garment (DTG) printing to create your own custom T Shirts and garments can offer many advantages over traditional printing methods such as Screen Printing. No matter what you require printed T Shirts for, it’s worthwhile taking an in-depth look at the benefits that DTG can offer you.

To help you get started, I’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why DTG could be right for you, but if you want more information, get in touch with our printing experts today and they’ll be able to provide you with even more help and advice.


DTG printers operate very similarly to your home or office printer. Using this technique allows us to print the ink directly onto the fabric and this allows us to create stunning full-colour images in one pass (two passes if you’re printing onto dark garments). This means that you no longer have to simplify your design or remove certain colours out of it to meet your budget and to ensure that all of the printing can be done.

2. Minimal set-up time and costs:

As the garment is ran through a printer which is connected to a computer, there is no need to create individual screens to help replicate your designs perfectly. This means that, aside from the initial artwork file (and the maintenance required to get the machine working perfectly), there is very little setup required when using DTG printing.

With DTG, there’s no need for screens or any other setup that you can image which results in minimum setup costs which results in a much cheaper printing technique for you. As your artwork file is printed directly onto the garment, it also means that the time taken to produce your printed garments is significantly reduced as well. In fact; DTG is one of the quickest printing methods available.

3. No minimum orders:

Due to the fact that there is very setup required with Direct To Garment printing, it’s incredibly easy to place a single T-Shirt into the printer and then print your design onto it. This means that it’s perfect for producing small runs of printed T Shirts. It also opens up the possibility of printing your garments on demand if you’re looking to create your own T-Shirt business.

DTG is the ideal printing method if you’re looking to print for your stag or hen do, birthday parties, fundraising events, charity events or for giveaway items at your next marketing event. This means that, no matter what your printing needs are, DTG has you covered no matter how big or small your order is!

4. Perfect for selling online:

As DTG allows us to print without minimum order quantities, it’s the perfect printing solution if you’re looking to create your own T-Shirt selling business where you can sell your own designs. You can get the T-Shirt printed as you receive the order which means that there are no initial costs and you only need to place an order for the printing when you receive the order.

By doing this, you can raise extra revenue for yourself or your company and you can help raise awareness of your brand without having expensive initial setup costs.

5. Environmentally friendly printing technique:

When we’re printing on to white T Shirts, the inks we use in our DTG printers are almost always water-based which means that they are completely safe and environmentally friendly. Some printing techniques require the use of harsher chemicals which isn’t sustainable and can be bad for the environment.

If you’re someone who believes in protecting the environment – much like we are at Garment Printing – then by choosing DTG printing you’re choosing the perfect printing technique to create your garments.

Unfortunately, as we need to apply a layer on top of black or coloured fabrics, we’re unable to use water-based inks.


Have you ever taken a picture and thought that it would look great on a T-Shirt? Or do you have any pictures now which you think would be perfect on a garment? Well DTG allows us to print any design onto a T-Shirt in full-colour and exactly how they look on your camera or camera phone. This means that we can print all of the detail that’s included in your perfect picture and then immortalise it onto a T-Shirt to show off to everyone.

This means that it’s the perfect printing technique if you’re looking to print a gift for friends or family members as you can take a photo of them and have it printed onto a T-Shirt which makes the perfect present and shows just how much thought you’ve put into it.

7. Comfortable printed T Shirts:

When you use Direct To Garment Printing to create your designs, the ink is attached directly to the fibres of the T-Shirt. This means that it removes any need for using an additional layer which is placed over the top of the garment and it leaves behind a super-soft feel that feels like it was made when the garment was made.

The printing technique is perfect if you’re looking to create a fashionable T-Shirt which is comfortable enough for all day use.

8. High-quality and long-lasting:

As the ink is printed directly onto the garment and doesn’t require any additional layers or panels being used, it offers a perfect print which won’t crack or wear over time. This creates a long lasting design which you can wear and wash again and again without it becoming damaged or looking worn.

This makes it the perfect printing technique for designs which you want to last you as long as the T-Shirt does – for the cost of the printing technique, you can’t ask for much better!

9. Shading:

As well as the detail and the full-colour printing, DTG is also perfect if you want to include any shading in the designs that you create. This gives you the complete freedom when you’re creating T-Shirt designs and also allows you to turn your artwork into perfect T-Shirt designs and create an additional revenue stream if you’re an artist and you’re looking to make money from your artwork.

So, if you’re selling your designs and pictures on canvases you can easily add printed T Shirts to your lineup and generate more money than you were originally.

10. It’s perfect for everyone:

The best feature of DTG printing is that it’s perfect for everyone. Whether you’re looking to create a short run of T Shirts, or if you’re looking for bulk T-Shirt printing with high-quality designs to sell – DTG is the perfect low-cost option which allows you to print your T Shirts with maximum detail and, thanks to the low setup costs, you can make incredible savings on all of the printing work that you require.

So, if you’re thinking of producing T Shirts in the future, for whatever reason, then consider Direct To Garment when it comes to choosing the perfect printed garments.

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