10 Ways You Can Make the Most of Your Printed T Shirts

Gavin Drake

Gavin Drake

Like the internet, smartphones and Crocs, the modest personalised t shirt is omnipresent. It has become standard fare for any wardrobe and the immediate resort when stumped on what to wear on a daily basis. Part of its popularity lies in its flexibility and inclusivity, the item can be fielded by people of all ages, sexes and races without any glances of disapproval or bewilderment. Its universality means it has been used for a range of purposes and in this article, we have you covered with the most impressive ten. So, sit back, wipe off the crisp crumbs from your tee and relax as I guide you through the 10 best uses for printed T Shirts.


This may be an obvious candidate, but for most sports and athletics it would be remiss to neglect the T-Shirt as the obvious fashion choice. A uniform set of tees for your running club can really encourage a sense of inclusion and solidarity. Not to mention its capacity to save you from being plowed down by a heavy goods vehicle on those late winter runs through the shrewd decision of a fluorescent or brightly coloured choice. This reflects the decision of the New Forest Marathon to make an order of 5000 vibrant polyester printed T Shirts from us. The New Forest Marathon visualise their mission as raising the profile of the marathon and inspiring as many people as possible to get involved and reduce levels of inactivity and the accompanying physical ills, providing incredibly stylish and comfortable fitness attire for their runners. It was the perfect option for a group of people shedding blood, sweat and tears to beat personal targets and reach the next physical level.

Printed Running Shirts for New Forest Marathon

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Printed T Shirts can be incredibly useful within the music industry. Say you’re a techno artist, why not look into offering trendy and minimalist clothing to endorse your brand? The personalised T-Shirt affords this option and was the route taken by Richie Hawkin as part of his ‘Enter’ musical concept experience for the Space Club in Ibiza. He chose an eco-friendly option derived from the Eucalyptus plant that had heightened softness. The design featured a black hole-esque spherical logo emblazoned on the front of the tee with the ‘Enter’ headline displayed under the neckline at the back of the shirt. The fact that music and fashion have been so inextricably linked over the decades, means it is a highly effective method to put your face on the map and raise brand recognition. Think of the amount of musical trailblazers who moonlight as fashion designers and distributors. Beyonce, Kanye West, Future, Rihanna; the list is endless. Additionally, the printed T-Shirt is the archetype of band merchandise, sharing this lofty peak with the like of posters and CDs. The reality is that the music industry and the fashion industry tend to play off each other and so a wide range of printed T Shirts is a crucial component to a musician’s arsenal.

Printed T Shirts for Bands

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Visibility is the lifeblood of any fruitful political and social movement. The imperative is to diffuse your message to as wide an audience as reasonably possible. Printed T Shirts which feature designs representative of your movement are a phenomenal way of driving home the message and achieving a wide scope of recognition and engagement. Black Lives Matter, The International activist movement persevering and fighting for the validity of black lives and defying institutionalised racism within the United States and beyond, is one such campaign that has availed itself of bold and striking tees and other merchandise to stamp themselves on the radar of the movers and shakers in Washington. A similar strategy was deployed by the organisers of the ‘No More Page Three’ initiative in their quest to persuade the editor of the Sun newspaper to forgo publishing topless photos of women on page three of the periodical. They ordered three different designs that shared the high concept of a matter-of-fact slogan on the front of the shirt declaring ‘No More Page Three’. The campaign was a resounding success and had the desired effect of the page three feature being abolished from the Sun. Undoubtedly, enhanced visibility granted by the T Shirts were beneficial to the movement gaining the required traction to succeed.


A well customised and designed T-Shirt is immensely fashionable and can make eye-catching and memorable impression. In additional, it acts as novel outlet of artistic expression. A characteristic of the hippie movement of the 1960’s was the widespread appearance of tie-dye T Shirts. These kaleidoscopic and hypnotic garments were the perfect representation of the values of the hippie movement; peace, love, universal brotherhood and non-conformity. In this way, T Shirts can serve the dual purpose of being quirkily stylish and capturing the values of a subgroup. Alternatively, they can just be visually top-draw as exemplified by our work with the fashion label Memoir Apparel. They were looking for a company to print on garments that they would provide. The end result was a profitable collaboration that produced a range of unique T Shirts, vests and sweatshirts for the company.


In modern society, it is almost mandatory to be within contact at every moment of the day. Unfortunately, this is a tall order when the vast majority of mobile phones have an awful battery life. We all have a similar tale; you’ve just been on hold for an hour and a half trying to regain access to your bank account which has inexplicably shut you out, before your phone gives a final flickering of life prior to completely shutting off. Now, Orange have come up with an ingenious solution to try and resolve this contemporary head-scratcher. As a part of their collaboration with Saatchi and Saatchi, they ordered from us a series of pioneering T Shirts that would enable the wearer to charge their phone using sound with a port positioned on the chest. This fits in with Orange’s pedigree in creating unique, eco-friendly devices. It might not be practical enough to usurp the traditional cable method of charging but who can possibly predict the future?


The infamous bachelor party is the last hurrah for the single man before he embarks into the unchartered territory that is marriage, which is all the more reason to go out with a bang. The stag do is increasingly becoming more of an event with parties taking prolonged and far-flung trips to places such as Budapest, Dublin, Prague and Riga. To correspond to the magnitude of the event, printed T Shirts are essential. We were contacted by Ben Paultney who wished to organise a T-Shirt for his friend’s stag do that featured a quaint hand-drawn image of the stag, Stu, surrounded by the heads of the other participants of the event. The end result was a humorous garment that operates as an invaluable memento of the stag trip to Barcelona. a highly distinguishable set of T Shirts on a stag trip, while not providing you with immunity from criminal prosecution for your half-baked actions, will perhaps compel the locals to be a little more liberal when they see your group trying to dismantle a sign from a junction.

Printed Stag Do T Shirts

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In the precarious, early days of your start-up, you need all of the help possible to guarantee that your business doesn’t end up in the graveyard of failed companies. Silicon Valley and the realm of tech start ups seem to have a much more liberal and alternative attitude when it comes to dress sense, in comparison to the stuffy, conservative suits of the banking of professional services sector. This vacuum affords the emerging business the chance to make the most of printed T Shirts that encourage unity and ramp up brand presence. This can be elevated to the next level by displaying them at exhibitions and conferences, potentially even offering them to eager prospects and guests. Apcera are a tech company based in San Francisco that offer a platform for running and securing business services. They provide IT governance and security, enabling the safe implementation of cloud-based applications, micro-services and legacy application. They were attending DockerCon in Barcelona and came to us with the goal of getting hold of promotional T Shirts to easily educate observers and participants on their identity and offerings. Through the laser printing technique we were able to supply them with the requested 450 T Shirts and the event turned out to be a major triumph. A set of T Shirts could be the final piece in the puzzle for your event preparation.


In the whirlwind university experience, societies and clubs are often the only constant. The types of societies and clubs can range from the sensible and sober; Investment Banking Society, Law Society, Engineering without Borders to the completely unexpected and zany; Jailbreak Society, Curry Appreciation Society and Quidditch Society. What better way to form an in-group and legitimise your society than by marking your existence with printed clothing? Such was the action taken taken by the University of Sussex Law/Politics and Sociology Society who ordered an array of distinguishable hoodies. These are a great asset to make themselves known at events and aid in the recruitment drive when it comes round to freshers. Equally, they represent a salient reminder of the rip-roaring university experience.


Employees need clothing. This much is certain. The only exception to the rule is as a lifeguard at a nudist beach, but those kind of positions are few and far between. So why not equip your workforce with printed T Shirts? They can be optimal for team building and are unrivalled for creating an air of professionalism. In addition, in a business context, the ability of your team to be easily identifiable by the public could make the difference between a sale or a customer slipping from your grasp. An example of quality workwear can be seen with SHORYU, a ramen restaurant based in London, who approached us seeking printed garments for their staff. They eventually decided on a minimalist design which featured their name adorned on the front of the shirt with the ‘O’ artfully replaced by a gold badge. Following the success of the Japan Centre brand, more SHORYU restaurants opened up and they requested further printed T Shirts. Employees in the service sector need to be conspicuous and employee workwear fulfils this objective with flying colours.

Printed Workwear for Shoryu

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Arguably the most noble and virtuous purpose on the list. Charities have the capacity to transform lives and pioneer research into the most wretched human conditions and illnesses. With many charities facing the harsh circumstances of decreased government funding, it is all the more important that charities increase exposure and awareness about the causes they are battling for. A printed T-Shirt immediately transforms the wearer into an advocate for the specified charity. This is exactly was was achieved for the Mayor’s Fund For London, a social mobility charity that offers priceless opportunities for youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds to find a route out of poverty and secure gainful and rewarding employment. To celebrate stage two of the roll-out of Sadiq Khan’s London Curriculum program a grand event was held in London whereby the charity required printed hats and T Shirts. We managed to supply brightly coloured T Shirts and hats that featured a stylised fox on the front. The end result was a distinctive and jaw-dropping design that could not fail to draw attention to the charity and its mission. Post-event, they also act as eternal reminders and can continue to stack up perception for the non-profit organisation in question.

Printed Hats and T Shirts for Mayor’s Fund for London

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As demonstrated, the T shirt printing is a major utility player in your inventory, especially from a marketing standpoint. There is no item of clothing that can be utilised to better effect to promote a cause, business or charity and it has applications way beyond. Sports, athletics, music and comedy are just some of the multitude of arenas in which the loveable tee can take up arms. Not to mention how peerless it is when it comes to sheer style; it is practically the lingua franca of the fashion world. For all your personalised clothing and other merchandise needs, Garment Printing are here to help. Fill out a quote form today!

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