5 Best Socks To Personalise

Gavin Drake

Gavin Drake

Best Socks to Personalise

Best socks: It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, one thing is for certain, you own a few pairs of socks. Just about every clothing store and even most supermarkets sell socks because everyone needs them.

But if they’re nothing special why put in the effort to personalise them?

Personalised clothing is more often than not, about making a statement, looking good and feeling good. So whether your favourite ones are those you wear to the gym, to work, on the golf course, when out for a run or when just lazing around the house, personalising your socks can take them from boring to brilliant. After all, there’s nothing quite like a pair of good quality, comfortable socks. 

Our Top 5 Best Socks Styles for Personalising

Best Socks Personalised Socks

From top men’s socks to the best running socks for women and the warmest socks for winter in between, our selection covers just about every need and all can be personalised to fit your specific requirements. 

These are our favourite types of personalised socks and what you need to know about choosing the right ones:

1. Hiking And Walking Footwear

Hiking is a fun, yet strenuous activity and can do damage to your feet if you’re not careful. Making sure your feet are safe and secure when you do venture out is about more than just the hiking boots you choose, your hiking footwear count too. What makes the best hiking socks?

  1. Length: The best of anything comes down to preference. But regardless of what you prefer hiking and walking footwear comes in a variety of styles that suit just about everyone. The most popular styles are ankle, crew, knee-high socks and socks with arch support.
  2. Padding: The “right” amount of cushion and padding comes down to preference. 
      • Ultralight socks are the preferred men’s hiking option. Designed for a warm climate, they’re breathable, promote circulation and have very little padding, probably a cushioned sole. These are also the best for walking in most conditions. 
      • Hiking and walking anklewarmers with light to medium cushioning are preferred for colder conditions. They’re generally on the thin side and prioritise moisture wicking. And these are the preferred walking or hiking socks for women. 
      • The warmest best socks for hiking are those with heavy cushioning. They’re ideal for very cold conditions and are comfortable with almost any pair of hiking boots.

3. Fabric: Men and women who hike or walk in nature often tend to choose knitted woollen socks because they’re the most comfortable, provide arch support and don’t result in blisters.

Personalising your hiking and walking socks is a great way to add a bit of character and edge to your outfit. There’s no doubt you’ll get noticed and complemented if you wear your personalised footwear on your next hike with friends.

Our best hiking sock is:

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Our best walking sock is:

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2. Socks for Running

Most runners prefer synthetic fabric for their running socks. These lightweight materials like polyester, lycra, spandex, elastane and nylon are used for making best  socks that most athletes and trail runners feel comfortable in. Why? The fibres in these fabrics wick moisture away from the skin’s surface, actively reducing the sweat felt whilst on the move. Synthetic moisture wicking socks are also great for reducing odour. Another popular choice is the compression sock as they guard against the start of or progression of various circulation disorders and injuries associated with running.

Our best running sock is:


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3. Classic Work Socks

Work looks different for everyone and what works for one person might not work for another. But in general, when selecting the best socks to wear throughout nine-hour workdays, you should consider the fabric and style you prefer. Classic work socks are made from wool or a wool blend. And they are typically available in the crew cut, although they do come in other styles too. 

Our best work sock is:

Premium Personalised Workwear Crew Socks With Terry Lining And Ribbing

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4. Socks for Women

Women tend to choose something that looks good over what’s practical or comfortable. That said, the best socks for women are no-shows that are easily disguised in boots and sneakers. In contrast, some women like crew socks that can be seen, especially those with cute patterns, quirky colours or personalised elements that make them stand out. Women tend to feel the cold easier than men, so a fabric that protects cold feet is preferable.

Our best women’s sock to personalise is: 

Premium Quarter 1/4 Ankle UPCYCLED Personalised Socks

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5. Socks for Men

Men’s sock drawers are typically more full. Why? Because they tend to be involved in more activities that require socks and shoes. That said, in first place for best socks for men are ankle socks that tuck neatly into sneakers and trainers. In second place is the crew sock. Much like their female counterparts, men like crew socks in cool colourways or patterns as they make a statement and draw attention, in a good way. 

Our best men’s sock to personalise is:


There are plenty of sock styles to choose from and personalise. So whether you’re looking to personalise a pair as a gift, get your hands on a reliable pair for hiking, or just want to see what’s available you can visit our personalised socks online shop for more. Get in touch for a quick quote and start personalising your socks today! 

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