5 Best Towels To Personalise

Gavin Drake

Gavin Drake

Every person will need a towel or three throughout any given day. Bath sheets, hand towels, towels for sport or the gym, beach towels, and even the guest towels you save for special occasions — towels come in a variety of shapes and sizes that cater to specific needs. Not too sure what you’re looking for? Let us help you find the right towel with our Garment Printing top 5 best towels to personalise guide.

Why Personalised Towels?

You may be thinking that personalising a towel seems a little extra. Now before you go and dismiss the idea altogether, consider this: Towels are very intimate objects, and there’s nothing worse than knowing someone has mistaken yours for their own. But with a personalised towel, this risk is eliminated. The more we think of it, the more appealing personalised towels become, especially for those you use at the gym or when travelling.

What Makes A Good Towel?

When it comes to choosing a towel, the soft fluffy ones are a great starting point. But there’s more to it than that. Here’s what we believe you should look out for in every towel category, along with why it’s good for branding:

1. Bath Towels

There is nothing quite like wrapping yourself in a soft comfy towel when you step out of a hot shower or bath, especially after a long day at work. And having a personalised bath towel that you know no one else has used because it’s so clearly yours, makes it all the more enjoyable. 

So, what should you be looking for in a bath towel? Let’s start with the fabric. A 100% cotton fabric is the general go-to among towel experts. Long-staple cotton means towels made from longer fibres, resulting in a more durable, absorbent and incredibly soft towel. 

Next, let’s consider weight. It’s believed that the heavier the fabric the softer the towel. Although heavyweight towels are quite popular, it has been argued that towels of medium weight are best suited to being used as bath towels. 400 to 600 gram is considered medium weight. And anything 600 gsm + would be heavy weight

Lastly, think about texture. Texture more about preference than anything else. The weave and pile of the fabric directly influences the texture. And it can impact quality and price. The most common towel fabric weaves are:

Terry Cloth

A fabric weaved of very small thread loops with tiny twists that make the fabric super absorbent. The downside of Terry Cloth, however, is that it’s quite fluffy and takes longer to dry than most. Plush bath towels are a crowd favourite. Therefore, many people do find Terry Cloth suitable for bath towels or bath sheets because of its fluffy nature. 

Most Terry Cloth fabric is only 50% cotton. You do get 100% cotton or fair trade organic cotton versions, and these tend to be sturdy, soft, absorbent, lightweight and dry quicker than standard Terry Cloth. However, cotton bath towels are slower drying than those made from other synthetic fabrics.

Waffle Towel or Honeycomb Weave

Bearing a variegated surface, Waffle Towels offer a revitalising after shower rundown. And the good news is, not only are they soft, but they dry really well as their texture allows for sufficient airflow. They tend to not be as durable as others and are prone to shrinking when they get too hot in the wash or dryer.

Our Favourite bath towels is:

Towel City – Classic Range Bath Towel – TC044

2. Hand Towels

By now, we’ve all seen those cute “His & Hers” hand towels, right? Admittedly, they are a little cheesy, but the concept of having a towel that is separate from your partner’s lives on. Once you’ve chosen your set of hand towels based on our considerations below, why not consider personalising them? They’ll make a great statement piece, at least we think so. 

Just like bath towels, consider the weight of the hand towel. Don’t settle for anything less than 400 gsm. Then, consider the fabric. Most hand towels are some form of 100% cotton. Turkish cotton, Egyptian cotton, zero-twist cotton, and Xinjiang cotton among others. Xinjiang cotton is best as it is lightweight, absorbent and dries easily.

Our favourite hand towel is:

Towel City – Classic hand towel TC043

3. Beach Towel

There’s no arguing, a trip to the beach is good for the soul. But when you come out of the water after that refreshing dip to soak in the sun, you want a towel that works well and looks good. A 100% cotton Terry Cloth towel of no less than 400 gsm, sounds good right? All that with a personalised twist sounds even better. A personalised towel to match your umbrella or swimsuit will turn heads in the best possible way.

Our favourite beach towel is:

Towel City – Microfibre guest towel – TC016

4. Gym Towel

Much like being on the beach, the gym is another public place where people tend to take note of what others are doing. Yes, you’re there to exercise and hopefully break a sweat. But let’s be real, you’re probably doing all that in trainers and gym clothes that match. Why not get a personalised towel to complete the look? Consider the absorbency and density. You’ll want a quick-drying towel that’s between 200 and 400 gsm.

Our favourite gym towel is:

Towel City – Luxury range pocket gym towel – TC007

5. Travel Towel

When travelling, it’s expected that you’ll leave, lose or misplace something. But with a personalised towel, this is less likely to happen because it’ll stand out among the ones that come with your accommodation. And even if you do leave it behind, the host will know it’s not theirs and will hopefully reach out to you to organise its return.


If you’ve gone out of your way to invest in the best bath towels, you wouldn’t want to lose them, right? So, whether it’s with your name, nickname, favourite quote or even a funny saying/pun, there are very few limits to what you can do to personalise your new towel.

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