6 uses for Custom Insulated Jackets



A comfortable, good-quality insulated jacket is perhaps the most important article of clothing in the wardrobe of anyone living in the British Isles. With a climate infamous for its intemperance, and with global warming only set to make extreme weather phenomenon a more commonplace occurrence, making sure you have the right kit to battle the elements is a key part of preparation for the winter months. After all, there’s no such thing as bad weather – only bad clothing, right?

With that in mind, our range of top-of-the-range insulated jackets could provide the answer to your warm clothing conundrum. What’s more, the ability to purchase a truly personalised product by emblazoning whatever design, artwork or slogan upon it is sure to set you apart from the crowd and allow you to express your individualism in jacket form. Given that fashion trends are truly global beasts nowadays, it’s refreshing to be able to wear something that no one else in the world is sporting. Our custom insulated jackets give you that freedom.

Using Custom Insulated Jackets to your Advantage

As well as combining unbeatable individuality and the finest materials, the jackets are also very versatile items which can be put to a variety of uses. Here are six ideas of how you can take advantage of the sophisticated printing techniques and quality fabrics used in Garment Printing jackets and create a sense of inimitable identity, wherever they’re worn.

1)  As corporate giveaways

Branded clothing makes for an excellent corporate giveaway, with 85% of consumers able to easily recall the name of a firm which gave them promotional apparel. As an outer layer of attire, insulated jackets will always be on display and never covered up by other garments, while they’re also eminently useful for the recipient in the colder months. As a slightly more expensive item, branded insulated jackets could be reserved specifically long-standing customers, higher value prospects or even as prizes in a competition giveaway. In this last scenario, the jackets could be offered in exchange for names and email addresses, allowing you to bulk out your mailing list and expand your brand at the same time.

2)  As employee uniforms

Nothing communicates a professional working environment more efficiently than well-presented employees, and for those working in colder climates, a custom insulated jacket with your company name and logo printed on it can create a feeling of community among the staff and a striking impression for clientele. What’s more, the workforce will surely appreciate a good quality piece of clothing to keep them warm while at work (or even when not), generating loyalty to your business, reducing employee turnover and enhancing the chance that they will talk about you in positive terms to their friends and acquaintances.

3)  As sports team strips

One place where individuality often needs to be sacrificed for collective identity is on the sports field. Whether it’s a football club, swimming squad or tiddlywinks team, fostering a sense of camaraderie between players allows them to know they can rely on each other to support one another during the big match, and a custom insulated jacket bearing the name of the organisation can go some way to generate that kind of community spirit. A club kitted out in matching apparel also demonstrates a sense of professionalism that can be intimidating to the opposition before the game even begins.

4)  As social club identifiers

These kinds of morale builders are not limited to the world of sport, either. Just because an outfit doesn’t operate on a competitive plane, that doesn’t mean that the sense of togetherness enjoyed among members is any less important. There are many group activities which involve being outdoors at cold temperatures, too, meaning that a warm insulated jacket is a prerequisite for aficionados of activities such as hillwalking, skiing or birdwatching. One decorated with the name of the local organisation to which you belong can make a great investment of club kitty funds and make everyone feel like a valued part of something greater than themselves.

5)  As personalised presents

Of course, customised insulated jackets are more affordable when bought in bulk, but that doesn’t mean you can’t splash out on a single item as a hugely personalised gift. Whether you’d like to show that special someone how much you love them with a handmade design, share an in-joke with an old friend or create an article of clothing commemorating their favourite movie, TV show or musician, a custom insulated coat makes for an ideal Christmas present. Not only will it be truly unique to the recipient, but it’ll also arrive just in time to be of utmost value as the harsh temperatures of January and February lurk around the corner.

6)  As a treat to yourself

Last but not least, a personalised insulated coat can serve as the perfect present to yourself. No one knows your fashion tastes better than you do, so why not avoid disappointment by ordering a design that you’re sure you’ll really love? Thanks to the advanced printing techniques employed by Garment Printing, we’re able to recreate any pattern or artwork you like with impeccable precision, meaning that the sky’s the limit when it comes to the possibilities of content creation. Let your imagination run wild (or alternatively, work with our in-house design team) to come up with an idea for a unique piece of clothing which effectively communicates who you are.

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