9 Must-have beach items to bring on your summer holiday



At Garment Printing we know that packing for a holiday can be overwhelming sometimes. On the one hand, you don’t want to over-pack because it can cause a lot of unnecessary stress – and the summer holidays are dedicated to relaxation. Additionally, you do not want to forget something really important. Finding the right balance here can cause some struggles. So, if you want to know which must-have beach items you have to pack, then keep on reading:

1. Personalised Flip Flops or Sliders

From our own experience we know that it can be really uncomfortable to walk along the beach without proper beach shoe-wear such as Flip Flops or Sliders. There is not only the sand, which can get uncomfortably hot, but at most of the beaches there are also a lot of shells and stones which sometimes can be really sharp and therefore, could really hurt your feet.

This is why you want to make sure your feet do not get insured by the shells, stones or heat and put on proper shoe-wear. Additionally, it is always a good idea to get some qualitative Flip Flops or Sliders, so you can properly walk in them. We believe that during your vacation you do not want to waste a single thought about things such as uncomfortable slippery shoes.

At Garment Printing you can get qualitative Flip Flops and Sliders and even better, you can get them customised. Why not upgrading your summer wardrobe and get your own custom printed Flip Flops?

2. A waterproof case for your phone and all other technical devices

When you are travelling certainly you want to take as many beautiful pictures as possible to bring home a lot of memories and also show your friends and families what a great time you had. This also includes the time you’ve spent at the beach.

However, what you do not want to get your phone wet or to get sand stuck in the charge socket. This can be really annoying!

You can prevent it by providing yourself and everyone, who you are travelling with, with phone protection water-repellent bags. This allows you to take a lot of breathtaking pictures while keeping your equipment safe. 

3. Sun Protection

This really important topic can be separated into 3 different forms of protection:


The first section covers the traditional sunscreen. You have to make sure to protect yourself from the dangerous ultraviolet rays by applying the right sunscreen. If you are unsure which SPF is best for your skin, please check before your trip in order to get the right amount of protection.


However, sun protection goes beyond sun blocker. Also your eyes have to be protected and therefore,  qualitative sunglasses are the best option to go for in order to achieve the highest degree of protection for your eyes. Sunglasses are not only a really diverse and great fashion accessory but also a very important one since they are part of your protection against the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet rays.

At Garment Printing, we offer you qualitative sunglasses. They’ll provide the right protection for your eyes. If you want to stand out of the crowd, get a pair of printed sunglasses.


By now we’ve covered almost every body part that needs to be protected, there is only one missing. The protection of your head! Staying in the sun for too long without proper protection can cause serious damages such as a sunstroke. And no one wants to spend their holiday feeling sick. That’s what makes this fashion piece really important. You can get it in many different forms and styles. If you prefer it casual or sporty, why not get a personalised cap? And if you want your hat to be extra special, you can customise your headwear at Garment Printing. We are making sure that your design will be durable even at high sun exposure.

If you keep these above mentioned points in mind, you can enjoy the sun without causing yourself some serious health damages. One last thing: always make sure to not to stay in the sun for too long even if by following these tips you’ll feel very protected.

4. Baby Powder

Yes, you’ve heard right! Baby powder is one of the beach essentials you should always carry in your beach bag. The reason for that is because it will help you to get rid of the sand on your body easily. Indeed, it is nice to lay on the beach and to relax, but you probably don’t want to bring all the sand back to your hotel. By applying the baby powder on your dry skin, all the sand will sprinkle off easily and will stay off.

 5. Custom Holiday Shirts

Custom holiday t shirts are especially useful if you’re travelling in a group, for example for a hen or stag do! Why not getting personalised holiday t shirts to stand out from the crowd and to get in the holiday mood? Whats more, it will make your holiday pictures look put together when everyone of the attendants are wearing the same printed t shirts. This will definitely draw attention to it when you post your pictures on Social Media.

 It is also a great way to keep these custom holiday t shirts as a memory of your trip.  Further, it is also important to bring extra clothes with you because once you get out of the water it can be quite chilly. 

Therefore, a printed t-shirt is the perfect item to bring to the beach. At Garment Printing, we offer a variety of different t-shirt styles that cater to everyone, and we use top quality manufacturers to help create your own custom designed holiday T-shirt at an affordable price. Feel free to check out our various t-shirt printing possibilities!  

 6.  Playing cards

This list is just not complete without mentioning some waterproof card games! Especially, if you are travelling with your friends or family, you might want to mix your beach days up a little bit more. Therefore, some old school card games can bring back the best childhood memories and what could be better than enjoying some card games in the sun?

However, in order to keep your playing cards dry, it is recommendable to invest in some waterproof ones. They are more durable and they will last you longer than just for one vacation.

 7. A beach towel with an integrated pillow ( “Tillow”)

Once you enjoy of a towel with an integrated pillow, you never want to go without it anymore! It is so much more comfortable than just a regular towel. How many times did you lay on the beach and after a moment of relaxation, out of the sudden your neck started to hurt?

This is not how we expect our perfect beach day to look like. Thus, this combination of pillow and towel makes a really practical investment and a real upgrade from the usual towel. We can guarantee that your beach days will be so much more relaxing!

8. Printed water bottles

While being outside in the sun, you have to make sure to stay hydrated. The most convenient and environmentally friendly way  is to carry your own reusable water bottle. You can easily fill them up with water over and over again without spending your money on overpriced (and environmentally really unfriendly plastic bottles) from the beach vendors. See it this way: the saved money could be spent on some nice souvenirs!

At Garment Printing you can get your water bottle printed with the design you want. Since they are very versatile products, there are no limits to your creativity. Whether it is something for this specific vacation or something more generic – you can decide and whenever you need help, our friendly staff is there to help you! Also, you can always get a free quote!

9. Beach Playlist

Last but not least:  “bring” your own created beach playlist with the songs you like. Maybe to impress your friends with your awesome taste in music or just for your own enjoyment – it is so much more fun with your own music and it will probably boost your holiday mood even more.

Also, it could be seen as sort of a long-term effect because even when your trip is already over, every time when you’ll listen to these specific songs, you will probably reminisce about your vacation. If you’re not sure how to create the perfect playlist, don’t worry! There can be found a lot of tips on how to create your perfect (beach) playlist, for example this article by Yolanda Wikiel from Real Simple with tips from Jessica Suarez, playlist editor at Google Play.

Now that you have read through all the above mentioned beach must-haves, Garment Printing hopes it makes it easier for you to know which essentials to take to the beach.

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