9 Signs You’re a Christmas Expert



“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind”, as the saying claims. Well, that might be a bit too excessive but here at Garment Printing, we love Christmas as much as we love providing the best T-shirt printing service.

Probably the most magical season of the year, it is the time to give and love, as well as do good to your loved ones. And you might even get a present or two!

1. You own a customised Christmas jumper

Christmas wouldn’t be the same if Christmas jumpers didn’t exist. As important as Santa Claus, some might say. Create your own personalised jumper and be ready to finally make an impact this Christmas Jumper Day!

2. You have a personalised mug

There’s no better way to show and spread the Christmas love than a personalised mug to enjoy your favourite drink. Whether you impress everybody in the office or have it as your nº1 mug at home, here at Garment Printing we are experts in printed mugs.

We provide the best products at the most competitive prices. Discover more and get a quick quote todayWe have printed promotional mugs for various businesses, charities and teams at events such as Mobile World Congress and FIRA to help improve brand awareness.

3. You have a constant mental countdown

You know exactly how many days until Christmas. Whether you check an online Clock like this one or simply follow a good old calendar, it is essential to keep count! You can always visit this website to reassure if it is Christmas or not.

4. You have watched all the Jamie Oliver Christmas specials

If someone loves Christmas more than you, this is Jamie Oliver. He even does a special show to honour the festive period! Make sure you watch them all. Every year.

5. You buy and religiously follow an advent calendar

By the end of November you’ll see every supermarket displaying a bunch of appealing and colourful advent calendars. Pick your favourite treat and be ready to start on 1st of December. One a day, no cheating!

6. You do your shopping in November to avoid the Christmas frenzy

If you want to save yourself a bit of money and avoid the Christmas madness in every city centre, shop ahead! You’ll find lower prices and you’ll make sure the sizes or product you are after does not run out. Make sure you hide your presents properly so they don’t get found earlier than expected!

7. You plan Christmas presents all-year round

It is essential to keep great ideas on paper. We don’t want you getting your Dad socks (again), so keep your ideas fresh all-year round and you’ll maximise the options to come up with a brilliant gift that they’ll love. If not, you can always get socks.

8. You secretly listen to Christmas songs all year

Because is never too early for a good Christmas tune. What do Michael Bublé & Mariah Carey do the rest of the year anyway?

9. You watch the same Christmas film every year

Because Christmas would not be Christmas without Home Alone (we’ll let you pick which one), Love ActuallyA Wonderful Life or even Elf. We all have a favourite Christmas film and the festive season is the perfect time of the year to grab a blanket, hot chocolate and cuddle up while watching one of the Xmas classics.

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