Are TV Show T Shirts the New Band Tees?



The chances are, when you were younger you had a wardrobe full of band t shirts (maybe you still do!) as they were the ultimate in trendy clothing. A band t-shirt said so much about us, who we were, what we loved to listen to. Band t shirts are the ultimate way of displaying your personality on a t-shirt – and supporting musical artists we love too! 

Some iconic band t shirts you might remember from your youth are… 

  • The Rolling Stones lips logo 
  • ACDC band t-shirt with band logo across the chest 
  • Nirvana t shirts with the yellow font and smiley face 
  • The Who t-shirt with the famous red, blue and white logo 
  • Joy Division Unknown Pleasures t-shirt 
  • Frankie Say Relax 
  • Guns ‘n’ Roses iconic logo t-shirt 

But are you still wearing your band t shirts? Or have you found yourself wearing different kinds of design?

Are TV t shirts taking over band t shirts? 

TV t shirts are the new  band t-shirt – many people will tell you! The TV t-shirt could be anything design-wise, we’ve seen famous TV quotes, characters faces, iconic set design or props, names or character names, the list goes on! 

With the sudden rise of streaming platforms, it seems like there have been more and more and more TV shows popping up on a much more regular basis than ever before. Many of these TV shows gain an ‘instant’ cult following – and almost overnight, it seems like merchandise is created and sold. 

Take the sci-fi TV drama ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix. The sci-fi show set in the 1980’s was a hit immediately and many clothing brands have latched onto it’s popularity by creating clothing lines and t-shirt lines based around aspects of the show. Levi’s released a collaboration on 1 July, as well as Nike, Topshop and Pull&Bear.

TV shows are pulling in huge brand collaborations, and are making production companies and network agencies a lot of money through licensing and merchandise! Where there’s profit there will always be popular! 

So let’s delve a little deeper as to why TV t shirts are so popular with the customers… 

There are endless design choices 

There are so many TV shows out there that have huge fanbases, and most people love and watch more than one TV show. Say you have 3 favourite TV shows, and each of those shows have several t-shirt designs available to you, you’re likely to collect them all! There are so many design choices available, because TV shows have lots of moments, characters and quotes – so you have plenty to pick from, and lots of ways to express your love for the show. 

There are plenty of TV shows to choose from 

With TV t shirts you’re not limited to one t-shirt, because you can buy a t-shirt for every TV show you like! Most people will watch 5-10 TV shows regularly, so that’s a lot of t shirts to pick from! 

They express your interests and personality 

Wearing your favourite TV show on your t-shirt is a way of expressing your personality and interests for everyone to see. It’s a great way to show people what you’re into, and what kind of person you are – and it’s amazing for bonding with friends or strangers too! Wearing a TV show t-shirt can be a great conversation starter when you’re looking to meet new people too! 

It’s like having an ‘in-joke’ 

Some TV show t shirts are a little more abstract than others, for example just featuring a single word, or quote from the show. In these cases, wearing a certain line or quote on your t-shirt can be like sharing an ‘inside-joke’ only with other fans of the show. You see this a lot with certain TV shows such as ‘Friends’ or “The Office”. 

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