Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Hoodies?

Gavin Drake

Gavin Drake

The riot of colour on the trees, gloomy weather and the constant threat of rain loomed in the evenings keep reminding that the summer is long gone. What does it mean for us? It’s time to reach out the warm and cozy hoodies from the back of our wardrobes and give them a small makeover! During these dim days, a colourful print on your hoodie can be like a sip of fresh air. If you’re a business owner, a new warm and cheerful uniform can act as a motivation trigger for your employees and your clients will definitely want to come back to enjoy the warm and happy atmosphere of your place.

Everybody loves personalised hoodies, they are perfect as a more casual form of work uniform, they show that you’re part of a group, community or a sports team. There are plenty of ways you can design a unique piece of personalised clothing, all you need is an open mind and this blog post for some inspiration. With Garment Printing, your inner artist can be set free!

You can customise your own hoodies in a few simple steps:

First, choose from our extensive range of styles. Our selection of hoodies include both standard and zippered and we’re able to custom print both styles to completely customise them any way that you want.

After you chose your style, select the desired printing technique. We’ve got a big range of possibilities, from the most basic and economical, like vinyl printing, to a more professional look that can be supplied by custom embroidery:

Feeling overwhelmed by the choice? Our team can always help you choose the best printing technique matching your desired result.

And the last step is choose your print. We got inspired by Bored Panda and chose our favourite creative designs!

And considering the approaching Halloween, why not embrace your inner superhero or add some spookiness to your workwear.

Designing a creative and unique hoodie is a perfect way to escape the cold and gloomy autumn weather.  For companies, it’s also a perfect way to voice out the creative side through an interesting logo design that fits the weather. Warm up your employees, put a smile on your clients and get some free promotion all at ones with just a few clicks!

Do you have a design stuck in your mind waiting to be freed? We can’t wait to see it! You can also check how it will look on the hoodie using our virtual preview.


Take a look at some of related products below. You can also call our team directly on 0207 101 9315 for more information, we’re always happy to help and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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