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B&C winter
B&C winter

With 2019 rapidly drawing to a close, there’s never been a better time to reinvigorate your wardrobe with a range of new styles. B&C Collection, one of Garment Printing’s most trusted partners, are well aware of the transitional time of the year, which is why they’ve produced a bespoke catalogue designed to keep you both warm and well-dressed this autumn and winter.

B&C Winter Collection

In particular, B&C have released a palette of new colour trends, ensuring there’s a shade suitable for every occasion or purpose. Here’s a rundown of the exciting new hues available in their autumn and winter collection:


Gold – the colour of opulence and extravagance. This year, B&C’s catalogue of yellow clothing has mellowed and matured into the saffron tones and gilded tints of the most precious colour of all. Whether you choose a long-sleeve polo, a sweatshirt or a windbreaker, they can be paired with a darker-toned pair of trousers or skirt (we suggest navy or black) for a cool contrast that’ll help you achieve the sophisticated impression you crave.

Pumpkin Orange

Reminiscent of the rotund fruit which becomes popular during Halloween, this colour is at once comforting and cosy. Its relaxed tones evoke memories of nights indoors hiding away from the cold with a cup of something hot in hand, drowsily drinking in the pleasant atmosphere. Matched with browns, reds or yellows, Pumpkin Orange allows you to recreate the majestic palette of Mother Nature herself during one of the most photogenic times of the year.

Fire Red

The vibrancy of red makes it an eye-catching addition to your wardrobe at any time of the year, but set against the bright white snow and the pitch-black night, red really comes into its own. As the name suggests, this particular shade brings to mind a roaring, crackling fireplace, perhaps with one or two chestnuts roasting atop it and several stockings hanging above it. Complement its striking aesthetic with simple shapes and colours, or go for a red revolution by combining with several different shades of the same.


While the colour atoll – and the coral reefs from which it takes its name and hue – might generally be more commonly associated with summer, its inclusion in B&C’s autumn and winter collection is symptomatic of a growing trend to introduce colder colours into a warm palette. But rather than suggest a brisk or bracing aesthetic, Atoll is more about injecting a crisp freshness into proceedings. A hugely versatile choice, Atoll can be easily paired with all manners of colours, from chocolate to orange to camel.

Urban Khaki

Following on from the success of their Millennial Khaki range in the spring and summer of this year, B&C are sticking to the militaristic roots of the original option with this upgrade. It’s at once vibrant and refined, meaning it can be matched with a variety of complementary colours. To enhance its dynamic energy, wear it alongside bright shades such as red or absinthe. Alternatively, a more elegant aesthetic can easily be achieved by sticking to olive and brown styles.

Heather Grey/Sport Grey

Whoever said grey was boring? The understated appeal of Heather Grey, accentuated by its subtle tones of blue, is such a popular choice that it’s available on more B&C originals than almost any of the other colour trends in their autumn and winter collection. Endlessly adaptable, Heather Grey can be worn in almost any setting (business or casual, formal or sporting) and paired up with pretty much any colour (including variants of itself) to achieve a timeless classic look.


Speaking of timeless appeal, black simply never goes out of fashion. It’s no surprise that Black is the only entrant on B&C’s autumn/winter colour trend palette which pips Heather Grey to the title of most garments available in this colour, meaning you can buy pretty much any article of clothing in Black that you desire. As well as complementing any other colour you can think of via its neutrality, Black can also work extremely well when paired with different shades, textures and fabrics of itself.

Add the finishing touches

B&C have done the hard work – now all that remains is for you to embellish their stunning designs with your own finishing touches! At Garment Printing, we employ a wide range of printing techniques to allow us to recreate the exact pattern, artwork or design that you choose with impeccable precision, resulting in unbeatable results each and every time. Whether you’re looking to beef up your winter wardrobe for business or leisure purposes, we’ve got the tools and the knowhow to make your personalised B&C vision a reality. Check out our online B&C catalogue today.

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