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Raising money for charity is a brilliant idea for anybody. The idea of doing something you enjoy, getting yourself fit and raising money for those less fortunate and those in need helps to provide everybody with extra motivation and also gives an additional meaning to everything that you do.

This is one of the reasons why we’re always delighted to work with charities and individuals who are aiming to raise money for a certain cause. Throughout the year, we constantly receive orders from those who are willing to put themselves to the test to raise money for others and this year, we’ve already been amazed by how many people are taking parts in different events, different races and all with the aim of raising money for different charities.

This month we have received an order for printed running shirts, with the aim of helping raise money for Cancer Research, from More House School for girls. From More House, 91 individuals (made up of students, their parents, sisters, aunties, and friends) will run, walk or even crawl the 5K to raise as much money as they can for this excellent cause.

We’re delighted that More House School for girls chose Garment Printing to print their powerful, sloganed T Shirts which all of the brilliant participants will be wearing during the event. We’re currently in the process of printing the T Shirts and we will post images of the personalised clothing garments and the participants wearing them in the coming weeks.

It’s no secret that events like Race For Life and those participating in the events are vital in helping fund Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work in preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer. If you would like to support the participants of you can visit their JustGiving page where you can join the fight by digging deep and sponsoring them.

More House Unite – Cancer We Fight!


In 1994, Battersea Park, London was the home to the first ever Race for Life event. It was the original idea of Jim Cowan who decided to create a number of different events to raise money to help fund research into cancer. Thanks to his brilliant idea, The Imperial Cancer Research Fund engaged with Mr Cowan into organising the event and acting as the race director for the first ever Race for Life event. The event attracted 750 participants who, together, raised £48,000.

After the original race, it was then organised again for the following year but the event was extended to 6 venues and had 4,500 participants who raised an amazing £210,000 for charity. Year on year, Race for Life has continued to grow and has become one of the UK’s largest fundraising events. In 2006, 240 races were held with over 750,000 participants who raised an astonishing £46 million for charity.

Since the original race, 6 million participants across the UK have ran, walked and jogged together and have raised £493 million.


If you’re taking part in a charity event, contact Garment Printing where we can provide you with excellent personalised t shirts to help you promote your cause and together we can help raise additional money for the charity of your choice.

Whether you use T shirt printing to announce who you’re raising money for, letting supporters know where to go to donate, or even promoting who you are while you’re running – by contacting us you’ll be getting the best possible price, the choice of the best printing techniques and expert staff who will help you throughout the whole order process to ensure that every printed T-Shirt or accessory that you order from us looks and feels fantastic.

For more information on how to get printed T Shirts for charity – fill out the quote form below.

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