Digital Textile Printing or DTG: Perfect for images of every colour and textile projects of photographic quality:



Direct To Garment Digital Printing

Digital textile printing machines or DTG is a massive step forward for businesses that have more complex logos or those with more colours than others.

Direct to Garment printing is perfect for the most demanding when it comes to creating eye-catching designs in any colour, with gradations or that contains photographs. The functioning of these machines is very similar to a paper printer, but instead we print on textiles.

Don’t let the printing technique set the limits, you set the limits yourself.

DTG: Perfect for fashion projects:

The world of fashion is full of creativity. Take advantage of the quantity of options that digital printing is capable of offering you, like printing in any colour, spectacular photographic resolution with the option of colour gradations and larger size than normal.

One of the reasons that digital printing is so highly regarded is because on white garments the ink remains completely integrated into the fabric without any noticeable texture.

For fashion projects, it’s important that you take into account the colour of the garment, since coloured garments will end up being thicker because in the printing process one must add a pre-treatment and a white coat.

The most valuable merchandising for Graphic Design businesses, Advertising Agencies and Marketing:

If your business is thinking of investing some of its budget in merchandising, you should know that digital printing is one of the best ways of recovering your investment.

If, on the other hand, you have decided to offer your merchandise as freebies rather than sell them, you will increase your customer base and help reinforce your brand.

Personalised merchandising gifts with digital printing will save you money as you don’t need a minimum order.

Utilise DTG printing to personalise tote bags with the name and contact information of your business so that people remember your business more easily. Backpacks, T Shirts, hoodies and any textile that takes your fancy. Remember that for this type of printing, it is recommended that the garment is made of at least 80% cotton to guarantee its quality.

Softness of the printed T Shirts for children:

The main feature of DTG printing is that it has a very comfortable texture and is completely breathable.

If you are thinking of making printed T Shirts for kids, it may interest you to know that it is recommended to use clear garments so that the outcome is as soft as possible for the youngsters.

On colour garments, a pre-treatment layer is applied so that the print remains completely affixed as well as a layer of white which gives it a texture slightly more noticeable than if the garment was white, in which case the ink would be printed directly on.

Merchandise for concerts, a necessity:

If you have a group or your business is in charge of organising a musical event, you should not overlook including merchandise related to the concert, musical group or event.

Making promotional products for these types of events is usually a surefire way of recouping your investment. Selling T Shirts personalised with the band’s name is something that sell more than you would believe. It doesn’t matter if the concert group is very famous or not, with DTG printing you can personalise the number of T Shirts, hoodies, polos that you want, or the product that you believe most suitable depending on the style.

The best thing about this type of printing is the ability to be able to reproduce images in full colour, photographic images at high resolution 300 DPI so that you can get the most out of your photos.

Watch as your investment is rewarded, and even generate enough money to fund the production of your next CD.

Small quantity orders? It can be done with DTG:

Sometimes, the greatest problem that we have is that we don’t want to make the large order of textile products or merchandise necessary to make a printing technique like screen printing viable. But even so, we want good quality printing at the best price.

Digital printing is perfect for stag dos for example, where usually there isn’t a very large number of people and there is always someone who wants to join at the last minute and also wants to have their own group T-Shirt.

Digital printing doesn’t have start up costs:

In contrast to other techniques, DTG printing doesn’t require a lot of initial start up which means that the costs of setting up the printing to produce your garments is significantly reduced. This means that you get a significant saving in the cost of orders with fewer units. This means that if you want to repeat your order, or add more garments once ordered, there won’t be additional costs.

Any type of project that requires full colour printing:

Digital printing is suitable and ideal for all projects that require the reproduction of images in full colour. This allows you to create garments that feature photographic quality images on the front with various different colours in the background.

The recommended file type for this type of printing will always be the JPEG format, or on the contrary PNG when there are images that contains transparent zones:

It is very important to save your file correctly if it has transparent backgrounds since if it is not saved in PNG, your image will appear with white backgrounds in a square.

Cut your files as close as possible to the edges, so that the size of your print is always correct. Be astounded by our digital printing!

Planning on printing with this technique? Why not tell us what you need and we will be able to provide you with all of the help and guidance that you need.

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