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FESPA 16 has officially opened it’s doors to the world and printing experts from all over have flocked to Amsterdam to find out about the latest goings on in the printing industry. At the event, three halls will be open to showcase digital print technology which includes the equipment, the software, consumables and applications from both international and local manufacturers.

One of the speakers that we’re most looking forward to seeing at the event will be Basso & Brooke – pioneers of the digital print process in the fashion industry. Basso & Brooke previously created history with their groundbreaking, 100% digitally printed collection which earned them the prestigious Fashion Fringe Award.

They were also championed by Vogue as ‘ones to watch’ in their annual ‘Vogue List’, and they went on to win the ‘Best New Designers’ at the Elle Style Awards.

Many people will know Basso & Brooke thanks to Michelle Obama making headlines by wearing one of the fashion labels designs. By wearing the designers clothing, Michelle Obama made Basso & Brooke one of the very first designers to be worn the the First Lady. They are also a favourite designer of pop star Katy Perry and she’s been seen many times sporting clothing which has been created by the talented duo.

It doesn’t end there either, in the past, they have also collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the world, including: Coca-Cola, Converse, Swarovski, Sky HD, L’Oreal Paris, Mac, GHD, BT and many, many more. Their excellent recognition has also seem them extensively published in many respected international books and magazines and their collections are stocked in stores throughout the world.


Digital printing is one of the most exciting developments within the textile industry as it allows endless opportunities for customisation, small run printing, prototyping and experimentation. It also puts textile printing well within the budget of the average illustrator.

Digital textile printing is a relatively new technology within the industry. The process creates designs digitally using almost any graphic design software (the most popular being Photoshop and Illustrator). It also allows artwork or photographs to be scanned and then digitally manipulated to create any pattern.

The process creates a seamless pattern which is tiled across a fabric and allows you to create entire sheets without having to repeat the process. As Digital Textile grows, it has begun to make a huge impact on the interior décro sector as well. At the event, there will be The Printeriors Print Hotel which is an interactive event which highlights what printed interior décor can offer.

The showcase includes a number of printed textile applications such as curtains, cushions and furniture and it highlights the brilliant diversification opportunities which are available when using textile solutions. Roz McGuiness, FESPA Divisional Director had this to say:

“The commitment we’ve received for FESPA Textile 2016 is proof of how much this sector is growing. The overall combination of breadth of international exhibitors, product launches, the textile trail, seminar sessions, the Digital Textile Conference and also out Printeriors showcase means that FESPA Textile has a compelling offering for visitors interested in this rapidly growing sector.”

As textile printing is a rapidly growing part of the printing industry, we’re definitely interested in listening to the keynote which will be provided by the brilliant Basso & Brooke and we’re looking forward to hearing their insight into the direction which the sector is moving in.

Stay tuned for more information on FESPA 16 and sign up to our social media channels to see live pictures and notes from the event held in Amsterdam.

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