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Workwear Embroidery

Here at Garment Printing, we are specialists in embroidery and clothing customisation. In this article we explain how the process works and why it could be a good option for you or your company.

Clothing embroidery is long-lasting, making sure that your garment remains perfectly personalised, without any fear of the material wearing away or ripping.

Wrap up warm and represent your business with personalised hoodies!

On many occasions, businesses, especially those that perform jobs in the outdoors, need clothes to keep their workers warm. However, if they’re forced to throw on any old hoodie then the personalised T-Shirt underneath is often hidden, not allowing for public exposure to your brand. If your business is dedicated to construction or outdoor sporting activities, then our personalised hoodies are for you. Let everyone see your business logo, no matter how cold it gets.

Important things to consider: Think about where you want to place your logo. It is vital that you take into account that the most recommended course of action is to include your logo on the front and the back so that your logo can be seen from every angle and distance. But be wary with hoodies; make sure that the hood doesn’t cover the logo of your business on the back. If this does prove to be an issue, you can always choose a sweatshirt instead.

When it comes to selecting the colour of the hoodie, try to use colours that contrast with the logo so that it is better seen and stands out.

If you wish, we can recommend the ideal sizes depending on the type of hoodie and your logo.

Professionals use embroidery:

In case it is cold and rainy, make sure you are equipped with a personalised jacket that is well embroidered. These garments are expertly selected so that your business can appear professional and provide added value without sacrificing the corporate aesthetic. Jackets, parkas and windbreakers can be personalised with screen printing, but we personally recommend high-quality embroidery since these garments are designed to be durable, and embroidery amplifies this quality. Consequently, you should consider where your logo and information about your business should be visible. If your logo has many colours or is too complicated to replicate, try to reduce the colours so that it is more legible.

Combat bad weather and equip your jackets with the professionalism that your business deserves with an embroidered logo.

The ‘how’ and ‘why’ of designing personalised polos:

On an average day, is it possible that you notice more personalised polos than ever? There must be a reason for this, right?

Polos exude a professional yet casual image. In turn, more and more businesses are requesting this type of garment. Before you start to design your polo, think about where the best place to put your logo would be – we commonly suggest the chest as a starting point. However, this choice is completely up to you.

On the other hand, it may interest you to add embroidery on to the sleeve or maybe on the shoulder. The back of the garment is a good place to add additional information, like a website, telephone number and social networks; any information that you see as vital potential customers.

Turn your team into a group of professionals with personalised kits:

Teams, whether work-based or sports-based, want to differentiate themselves from the rest and demonstrate their professional qualities, and so use high-quality embroidery, be it through a badge or a logo.

Embroidery can be used on almost any fabric, although thin / lightweight garments aren’t ideal for this technique.

For embroidered kits, it’s important that you consider where on your garment the embroidery will have the most visibility. If your team is public-facing, it may interest you to have the embroidery on the front part of the garment and around chest height. If on the other hand, it is for sporting purposes, you may want it to be visible from different angles and this is just as important on T Shirts, trousers and polos as on other textile accessories such as personalised hats.

Embroidery is the perfect complement to personalised workwear:

The advantage of using embroidery for personalised workwear is that it provides a much more professional image, which projects the values of your brand.

Take care when choosing the garments on which you are going to embroider so that the clothes are ideal for you employees to display your logo.

  • Resistant trousers and embroidered jackets for the construction sector require greater protection from machine washing.
  • High-quality polos and shirts for office and public-facing positions provide an eye-catching and clearer image.
  • Breathable fabric kits are more suitable for sports and personalising them will highlight the professionalism of your team.

Embroidery for the hotel sector: Bars, restaurants and cafes:

In the hotel sector, the image that you project to your customers is of paramount importance. You will see that there are very few establishments that don’t take advantage of personalised uniforms or any other type of printing technique.

Embroidery in the hotel sector conveys quality and shows the professionalism of your business.

If in your business you need aprons, choose carefully the site of embroidery to ensure maximum visibility. Take into account that all of the elements of the image that you are going to embroider should be seen clearly, so depending on the details that you have, the size should be either larger or smaller.

Use corporate colours in your garments and accessories like caps, chef’s hats, dressing gowns etc.

Already know what garment you’re going to embroider on for your personalised workwear? Tell us, we would love to know or clear up any doubts.

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