Essential personalised Back To School Items For Teachers



When choosing your teaching attire for the new school year, you should work towards two particular aims: looking professional and feeling comfortable. After all, you want to foster the right impression in a school environment that, nonetheless, could rush you off your feet.

However, you might not have realised how much you could also benefit from choosing personalised items. If your pupils are already wearing the school’s badges on their uniforms, it would be a good idea for you also to wear clothing that visually reflects the institution’s unique identity and ethos.

Fortunately, all of the following items are available in personalised form from our own online store.


Our mention of a jumper might have initially alarmed you, but rest easy; pulling on a jumper doesn’t mean having to give up a professional look. On the contrary, a carefully-worn jumper can complement and strengthen professionalism built up with your other clothing choices.

If you already have a white tailored shirt, let its collar emerge from beneath the jumper for a very stylish statement. Pairing all of that with slick trousers will complete a well-balanced look.

Sweaters which you can order from our team at Garment Printing include knitted, cotton and lambswool varieties in sleeveless and v-neck designs.


A Garment Printing jumper can sport your school’s logo and colours, as can a T-shirt from our stock. In a school context, personalised T-shirts can have many benefits; for example, they require little upfront cost but remain reusable for an impressive number of occasions.

Also much in favour of a school T-shirt is its versatility. There’s a lot of scope for creatively layering T-shirts; try wearing a white one under a smaller black tank top. Such a shirt can also be effectively accessorised with jewellery, though remember not to leave that shirt looking untidy.

To that end, remember always to tuck that shirt into your jeans or other trousers.


Of course, one problem with T-shirts is that they can feel too flimsy to provide comfortable warmth when you are out and about, such as occasions where you walk from one school building to another. For this reason, you could do with a thicker layer on top of that T-shirt.

A jacket could be just the right choice of personalised item to slip into following the T-shirt. That jacket could help to protect you during rougher moments that are especially probable if you teach at a secondary school.

Furthermore, at such a school, you might occasionally be put on playground duty – and you could find fulfilling this responsibility more arduous if you fail to keep frosty temperatures at bay. With our help, you can customise an embroidered, bomber or waterproof jacket to eye-catching effect.

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