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Get the best price on printed workplace clothing

It can often become a nightmare for you to save money on printing, since the average person doesn’t know the ins and outs of the industry and is unsure about the printing techniques that exist and the details about how it works. Keep reading to understand a little better how to get the best price when you order personalised workwear. Some of the most economical brands for clothing and printed uniforms are Gildan, B&C and Roly. All of these are high-quality, in spite of being considered as purely promotional brands. Within these you will be able to find different qualities and types of garments like shirts, hoodies and polos to choose which is more suited to the limits of your budget.

Order of between 10 and 25 units:

This is not the most common order size for businesses that need personalised workwear, but if this is your situation and your business doesn’t have a particularly large team, or right now you don’t want to invest too much money in uniforms for your staff, then Cad Cut Vinyl printing or Direct to Garment printing could be the technique which serves you best.

The most important thing for this technique is that you have your design completely plotted so that our machines can cut your design without a hitch.

And if you want to save further money, don’t hesitate in resorting to textile transfer printing, a technique designed for fewer orders with which you are even able to capture full colour photographic images. The only drawback is that the texture is a little more rigid than other techniques.

Digital Direct to Garment printing is another technique that can help you save a little cash if you need to be extra frugal.

Of course, other printing techniques can be used for orders of these quantities, just that they won’t end up being as economical.

Orders of between 25 and 50 units:

For quantities that exceed 25 units, we consider it a moderately sized order which opens man more doors in terms of printing techniques because you can get a good price with the majority of them.

For these types of orders, the price and type of printing for your corporate clothing will vary depending on the type of design that you have.

If you want to place the logo of your business on T Shirts, shirts or personalised polos and only need one colour, then screen printing is a good choice to save you a little money.

In case you have more than one colour in your logo, we would use Vinyl printing to reproduce the colour as accurately as possible. Remember, with this technique it’s not possible to faithfully reproduce the Pantone colour matching system, unless you opt for screen printing, digital printing is adequate for this quantity of units.

Orders between 50 and 100 units:

For orders between 50 and 100 units, the best printing technique would be screen printing as you can save money by reusing the screens that are built to reproduce your logo on multiple garments. This means that the setup costs are spread across the order and it will save you money.

The other advantages of screen printing are that we can successfully use the Pantone colour matching system to recreate your corporate colours with incredibly accuracy.

On the other hand, if you are searching for something a little more extreme in terms of your corporate clothing design, in this respect we can offer you sublimated garments at a very reasonable price so that you can make your personalised garments unique and furnished with an exclusive design.

Take advantage of the entire surface area of the garment to express your business and stand out from the crowd.

Within this category, you can also use DTG or Direct to Garment printing. It is a slower process, since it has manual steps, but you can obtain very good results in any colour.

Orders between 100 and 250:

For orders exceeding 100 units, it starts to become nearly obligatory to report to printing techniques such as screen printing, eco-friendly screen printing or discharge printing. Dye Sublimation is another technique which can be used. These processes are much more automated and designed for wholesale printing.

If you are searching for the most economical price with these techniques, you should take into account that, independent of the garments that you choose, the price will depend directly on the quantity of colours and the number of different print positions.

To get the most economical price, reduce the number of colours in your design to the bare minimum as each extra colour will mean the preparation of another screen. The more colours, the more screens. The more screens, the higher the price.

From 200 units upwards, cutting and sewing can be added to make the sublimation look perfect.

Orders between 250 and 500 units:

When we speak of orders of this quantity, the first recommendation is screen printing and/or water-based screen printing because it gives you the opportunity to create printed garments in less time and with optimal results.

For these quantities, you should think about including a four-colour screen (CMYK) if your designs require a full colour image. The four colour system corresponds to the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black).

Miss embroidery?

No, by no means have we forgotten about embroidery. But we need to dedicate a little bit more attention to this method of textile personalisation. With embroidery you can make the units that you need, without any limit. The only thing that needs to be taken into account to get the best price, is that for each piece of embroidery there is a preview price corresponding to the digitisation. The digitisation is the file that is obtained to transform your logo into an appropriate format for the embroidery machine.

The price of embroidery is always subject to the size of the design and the number thread colours that it has. The number of embroidery stitches is also negotiable to make it more or less thick, so it is always important to see your design before so we can evaluate it.

Printing Techniques Price Comparison

Follow all of these recommendations to achieve the best results at the cheapest price. Any doubts remaining? Get in touch with us and we will help you with whatever you need.

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