Get your brand noticed during the summer with personalised merchandise



The idea of giving away products which feature your companies branding isn’t anything new. In fact, companies across the world have been using promotional merchandise for decades. In fact, I’m pretty sure that we’ve all seen and received printed clothing which features the brands logo printed on to it.

One area where companies can often let themselves down is that they don’t take advantage of the seasons which means that often products are given way which are unusable at that time of year, resulting in many items being stored in a cupboard or a drawer and, more often than not, forgotten about. By taking advantage of the season, you’re giving potential customers something which they need there and then and this brings appreciation with it and, as a result, they’re more likely to use the products and happily recommend your brand to other people.

With the summer months now here and the UK going through spells of weather that is akin to the Spanish climate, it’s time to turn your focus onto summer-themed products which can boost brand recognition and put you in good stead with your customers.

So, let’s take a look at some of the summer products which are at your disposal.


By using personalised caps, you’re providing your customers with something that few other brands take advantage of. We have a wide-range of hats which includes baseball caps and snapbacks which are ideal for applying your own customisation onto and this allows you to create a truly unique and valuable product which is guaranteed to get attention and get more people interested in your brand.

The personalised hats, such as printed caps, that we offer are sourced from the best brands around the world and this ensures that you’re only ever giving away or selling quality products which are comfortable and provide the highest quality of printing. When you use a printed cap, it’s important to make sure that you’re branding the items the right way as the hat provides valuable advertising space which is guaranteed to get attention.

Personalised caps are also great for your staff to wear at events and also used as giveaway items and they are one of the best accessories to get attention and raise brand awareness.View our personalised caps here!


Summer in the UK can come and go within the blink of an eye and that’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re taking advantage of the marketing material which is perfect for the occasion. When the sun is out, adding personalised sunglasses to any marketing campaign will not only ensure that you’re giving potential customers items that they both need and want, but it’s also guaranteeing that they’ll get the attention of everyone who see’s them.

By adding personalised sunglasses to your promotional marketing campaign, you are ensuring that your company is standing out from the competition. With our excellent range of sunglasses, you’re giving potential customers something that they’ll need and use regularly when the sun is out.

Thanks to the low-cost and high-quality, personalised sunglasses make excellent promotional products and, when used as giveaway items, they’re appreciated by your customers. The beauty of sunglasses is their size, they can be carried around anywhere which means that as soon as the sun appears, they’re pulled out straight away and put on.

The arms of the sunglasses make excellent, valuable advertising space which means that whatever branding your choose, will stand out and be displayed perfectly for everyone to see.View our personalised sunglasses!


When used correctly, tote bags are one of the best ways of advertising your business. By giving away printed tote bags to your customers with your corporate branding added to the front and back, you’re ensuring that everyone can see your branding and this will increase brand awareness and also brand recognition.

In a Global Advertising Specialities Study, it was shown that an overwhelming 89% of those surveyed remembered the advertiser and the brand when that particular campaign utilised promotional bags (such as tote bags) as part of their advertising campaign.

This is because promotional bags are a fantastic way of advertising your business and they’re perfect for any marketing or awareness campaign. Promotional bags are so good because of their easy portability and, with most tote bags also being bags for life, they’re also environmentally friendly. This means that they’re perfect for use as goodie bags and giveaway items at events.

The front and back of the tote bag can be used to advertise your brand and this means that you’re brand is always seen when tote bags are used as part of your marketing campaign.View our printed tote bags!

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