Give the gift of warmth with a personalised beanie



As winter begins to settle in around the UK and the cold weather brings with it rain, snow and harsh winds, there’s never really been a better time to consider getting your staff personalised beanies to keep them warm through the cold snap and to help see them safely through to spring.

The winter is a tough time for employers, especially in the UK, we all know that with the cold weather, the icy conditions makes it unsafe for drivers and also, the winter is one of the peak times of the years where employees struggle more with illnesses and the days of business that is lost is hard to catch up on. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this, especially if your staff work outdoors, and that’s by introduced personalised headwear to prevent heat loss from the top of the head to ensure that your workers remain warm and healthy.

We’ve teamed  up with one of the latest fashion brands who offer warm and comfortable headwear – Nut Shell.

Nut Shell develop stylish beanie hats which are perfect for embroidering on to and turning them into a personalised, fashionable way of beating the cold and sending your staff out to deal with your customers. The Nut Shell NS001 is a knitted, turn up beanie hat which provides a simple, trendy and soft-to-touch beanie hat which is so versatile it’s perfect for any occasion.

it boasts a durable, double layered knit insulation which keeps the cold off your head and allows you to remain warm and stylish throughout the water and through to next year. The Nut Shell beanie is designed so that it can be turned up at the cuff or you can leave it down and wear it as a simple slouch beanie – meaning that you can change the style of the hats to suit your company’s appearance.

The beauty of the Nut Shell beanies is that they’re perfect for embroidering on. They’re made from 100% soft knit acrylic which allows us to stitch directly into the hat and create stunning logos and designs which withstand the test of time and provides you with an excellent way of getting your logo, brand or message across to people you meet and talk to.

This makes the Nut Shell beanie the ideal way of not only keeping your employees warm this winter but it also provides an excellent way to advertise and represent your company as it provides an excellent way of showcasing your company logo and increases your brands visibility through using valuable advertising space – your employees foreheads.

So, give your employees the gift of warmth this winter while ensuring that everywhere they go – they’re taking your name with you on these gorgeous embroidered beanies which are made by Nut Shell.

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