How a printed T-Shirt can change the way we see ourselves



Printed T-Shirt

T Shirts can be used for many different things, from marketing campaigns to showing your allegiance to a band or cause, or simply just to keep warm.

One thing that you’ve never considered your T-Shirt could be helpful for is the peer inside your body at your organs to help diagnose any ailments or illnesses that you may have and it’s easy to see why you’ve never thought of this – I mean after all why would you? As this technology hasn’t been invented or developed – until now!


Introducing Virtuali-Tee, an augmented reality, printed T-Shirt that is currently looking for funding on Indiegogo. The T-Shirt is designed to bring technology and biology together by printing a coded pattern onto your apparel. When you view this print through a related mobile app (called Curiscope) the T-Shirt then comes to life and reveals virtual organs resting inside the T-Shirt wearer – cool no?

What’s more, all of the virtual organs resting inside the T-Shirt wearer are anatomically correct which means that the app can be used as a cool party trick or it can be taken to the classroom to help teach the internal organs of the human body in schools.

All of the body parts and the systems are also fully labeled inside the app.

The uses don’t end there, though, if you want a more in-depth view of the inner workings of the human body – you can pair the app with a Virtual Reality headset and explore the human anatomy from inside the human body!

The app is designed so that it works with iOS, Android, Mobiles, Tablets and Mobile VR and it unlocks a portal to the inside of the human body which transforms the T-Shirt into a brilliant learning experience. You can use it with friends, in a group or on your own by using the included Selfie Mode.

The aim of the custom T-Shirt is to help better understand how our anatomy is relevant to us, to help us become healthier and give us the desire to engage with science at a higher level. So, who is this for?


Children love exploring and having the chance to explore the inner workings of the human body through animated 3D opens up a new way of learning. By having this interaction it really is the best way to learn and it helps to drive and develop their curiosity further.


While the app is perfect for helping your children learn, it can also teach you a thing or two as well. The tool is sophisticated enough to become a great learning tool for both yourself and your kids to interact with. Thanks to its insightful facts and useful information, it’s the perfect learning tool for all ages.


While the app is perfect for helping your children learn, it can also teach you a thing or two as well. The tool is sophisticated enough to become a great learning tool for both yourself and your kids to interact with. Thanks to its insightful facts and useful information, it’s the perfect learning tool for all ages.


The Virtuali-Tee is an awesome T-Shirt with an interesting print on the front. This something which we’ve been buying for many years now and we will continue to do so in the future. Where this T-Shirt stands apart is the amazing party trick which won’t only impress your friends and family, but it gives you the tools that you need to study how your body works in never before attempted detail.

The technology used to create this isn’t new and it has been around for awhile but, until now, there’s never been a truly compelling experience that has been created with the technology that’s available. With the Virtuali-Tee, you’re turning your existing mobile phone or tablet, something that you use every day, into something new and exciting which can help you develop your interest further and creates a new way to learn more each day.

The beauty of this technology is that it also encourages learning to happen outside of the classroom as well as inside it. It also creates a unique learning experience that everyone can connect with. As you go around studying the inner workings of your parents or your partners, you’re learning more about how the inside of the body works, so everytime you use the app to study the inside of the body – you’ll learn more.


Curiscope has been crafting experiences for around the last decade but they’ve recently decided to change their focus and realign their talents to something which is more engaging and something which everyone can benefit from. The Virtuali-Tee took 6 months of hard work to come to fruition using the talent which they have at their disposal, which is cumulative of over 30 years experience.

As a team, Curiscope has numerous PROMAX and BAFTA nominations and their work in Virtual Reality has been featured at Google Zeitgeist, at the Samsung EU forum and it has been watched millions of times on both YouTube 360 and also on Samsung’s Milk VR.

In January this year, they also created an excellent Great White Shark experience which was viewed over 2 million times and is used as part of a montage to introduce VR technology in ever Samsung retail location across the whole of North America.

Where is this technology right now?

At the moment, there is a fully working prototype of the app and there is also a crowd-funded campaign to bring it to  general release. All of the proceeds from their Indiegogo campaign goes directly towards improving the app and making it a better experience than before.

At the moment, the design is at its 3rd iteration which means that it has the potential to change slightly. This means that, as the app is developed and built, a slight design-shift may help to improve the overall performance.

Mária Rakusanová, Product Marketing Lead, Gear VR and Immersive Experiences, Samsung, said this about the Virtuali-Tee and Curiscope:

“Curiscope is like a magic lens combined with a teleportation experience that helps kids unlock their full learning potential. The way the team combined educational experiences in AR and VR made them accessible on today’s mobile devices is amazing, and certainly has a transformational power to change the way kids learn about the world and understand it.

“Once you’ve tried it, you can hardly go back – Curiscope is a new adventure in wonderland.”

To back and to get your hands on a Virtuali-Tee, you can view their Indiegogo page or head on over to the Curiscope website.

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