How our printing services can help you at Mobile World Congress



Printing services can be used for various different reasons. If you want to get personalised clothing, if you’re looking to start your own clothing business, to get your team kits printed with names and numbers and many, many other things. The power of getting something printed though can be a huge benefit to any advertising and marketing campaigns that you’re looking to undertake.

In February, Barcelona will be buzzing with people who are attending the Mobile World Congress and they’ll be looking to mingle with some of the biggest players in the mobile and technology world. MWC has long been an occasion where you’ll see the biggest companies in the world – the likes of Samsung, Sony, LG and many more – all release their newest mobile phones, TV’s, computers and every other version of technology that you can possibly think of.

What many people don’t know, is that MWC is also a brilliant way to meet and greet potential investors and business partners so it’s important to take the opportunity to go with both hands. At Garment Printing, we understand the importance that an event like Mobile World Congress can have on your business and we’re here to help you make the most out of the event and turn it into a huge success story for you and your business.

If you’re heading to Barcelona for MWC it’s important to consider all of the advertising techniques available to get your brand and company seen and known and to make you easily identifiable to potential customers. Here’re the top 5 reasons why Garment Printing is the perfect company to help you achieve this:

1. Unique and special offers:

At Garment Printing, we understand that your advertising budget can’t always be as big as you’d like. But this shouldn’t be a reason why you can’t get the best printing services around and promote your business to the world.

Our team are experts in both printing and clothing and we’re able to tailor special printing services and offers for you suit your budget – no matter what size you budget is. By contacting us, you’re giving yourself the best chance of getting high-quality printing work done for the best possible price.

2. Printing and delivery services in Barcelona:

As well as having printing and embroidery locations across the whole of the UK, we also have offices set up in Spain to provide printing services in Barcelona and local delivery to ensure that you always get all of your garments and accessories printed and delivered directly to you. Thanks to the local delivery services, it’ll also help to keep your costs down.

Our office in Barcelona is made up of English speaking staff who are able to provide you with all of the help, support and advice that you’ll need while you’re in Barcelona and they’ll ensure that you’ll always receive your order on time – whether you’re having your order delivered to your hotel or directly to the event.


We have a combined experience of well over 15 years within the printing and clothing industry. In this time, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the largest companies in the world, including Google, Amazon and Tesco.

We’ve helped all of these companies with their advertising and marketing campaigns so we understand exactly what it takes and what’s needed to create a successful marketing strategy and we’re more than willing to share this knowledge and expertise with you.


We’re proud to say that we work with over 70 of the leading clothing brands in the world and we provide superb clothing which is fully customisable. It’s not just printing on clothes that we offer, we can print on everything from T Shirts to business cards – each item fully customisable and ready for printing. In fact, our entire catalogue has been carefully selected to ensure that it offers the best print quality possible, as well as being made to the highest-quality and it offers you excellent value for money.

5. We offer the best printing techniques:

We have multiple print and embroidery locations around the UK as well as having offices and print locations in Barcelona, Spain. This means that we’re able to offer you excellent, fast printing and delivery services no matter where you need it delivered.

All of our printing locations are equipped with the latest, state of the art printing and embroidery machinery which allows us to offer all of the latest and the best printing techniques around. So whatever your advertising needs might be, we have the clothing, we have the printing techniques, we have the delivery services, we have the best prices and we have the solution for you!

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