How to Brighten Up a Wedding With Customised Gifts and Items



Printed Wristbands

Customised items are the best way to make a venue feel more romantic, personal and intimate, and there are so many ways to do this affordably and easily.

Here are some of our favourite ways to brighten up your wedding venue using customisable finishing touches…

Gifts to give your bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids have helped you plan and put together your big day, so be sure to get them each a small gift on the morning of the wedding to say thank you. Something personalised or customised is a lovely way to go as it really gives them something to remember the day with. Here are a few ideas:

  • A customised necklace or locket, with a photo of you both
  • A customised photo album with photos of your friendship
  • A customised handkerchief with their initials on
  • A customised photo frame with a photo of you both

Gifts to give your ushers

For your ushers, it’s great to get them a little something for all their hard work. Ushers are so important on the big day, helping guests get where they need to go, helping with timings, etc. Here are some ideas for making your ushers feel special:

  • A personalised hip flask
  • A customised pair of cufflinks
  • A photo frame with a photo from the stag do
  • A monogrammed shirt

It’s more affordable than you think

Having things monogrammed is such a luxury that people often assume it’s way out of their budget. But finding cheap monogrammed and personalised towels is easy. It doesn’t need to break the bank, and actually, this gorgeous finishing touch is an affordable way to make your stamp on your home in a classy and subtle way.

Add in customised favours

Favours are the little gifts you leave on the tables for your guests during the meal time. It’s a little way for you to say thank you, and it usually (when done right) leaves guests with a lasting impression. Customised wedding favours are such a perfect way to make your guests feel special – as it shows that real effort has been put into the gifts. Here are some wedding favour ideas that you can customise:

  • Mini bottles of the bride and groom’s favourite spirit
  • Mini M&Ms with the couples faces on
  • Fortune cookies with customised messages inside
  • Cupcakes with photo icing of the guests or couple
  • Mini customised photo frames for souvenir photos
  • Customised candy bags with the wedding date on
  • Personalised wedding tea towels or napkins

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