How to brighten up corporate events with branded t shirts



Corporate events can be very effective when it comes to the marketing of your business, and they can really help get your business message out there, especially to potential clients or customers. Some corporate events are also intended purely for your staff – and can help push company values and promote certain training or processes. 

Corporate events are a key element to many corporate business strategies, in terms of building industry awareness, building customer loyalty and building industry trust – so it’s key that during these industry events and corporate events, you make the most of every opportunity. 

There are many kinds of corporate events, here are just a few: 

  • Conferences
  • Industry meetups (usually more informal than conferences) 
  • Team building days 
  • Seniors off-site strategic planning 
  • Seminars and learning sessions 
  • Product launch events
  • Appreciation events 
  • Awards nights 
  • Trade shows / expos 

No matter which kinds of corporate events fall into your business calendar, you’ll want to be sure you’re maximising the opportunity to engage your team fully, and truly make the most out of the experience. 

One way to do this, is to utilise branded t shirts during your corporate event. It may seems like a simple idea – but branded t shirts works amazingly well for upping customer engagement, client engagement and even staff engagement too. 

Branded t shirts for staff 

If your staff are working at a corporate event and supporting the business in a professional way, they’re also representing your business and company whilst in this public facing role. Perhaps they’re at the event trying to recruit new clients, or perhaps they’re at the event trying to increase sign-ups or sales. Whatever the purpose, having a well presented team in matching and branded t shirts can be a huge advantage to your business. 

Having staff wearing branded t shirts at corporate events helps your business in many ways: 

  • Your staff look coordinated and smart which sends out the right first impression to new or potential clients / customers. 
  • Your staff are all matching, so your team look impressive compared to other competitors. 
  • Your staff are all matching which makes your team easier to identify and means clients or customers can track you down easier within the venue. 
  • Your staff aren’t sidetracked by outfit choices, and can focus on sales and selling your product. 
  • Your branding is prominent throughout the event space, as each member of staff is essentially a walking billboard with your company branding on them! 
  • Your staff have a souvenir from the event (which is great for team-building events) to take away with them after the event has finished. 
  • Your staff uniform is easy for them to maintain and you can have identical back-ups on hand in case of any spillages or stains. 

All these reasons combined, make matching staff branded t shirts a fantastic choice for corporate events, and ensure you’re making the most of all the opportunities corporate events provide your business with. 

Branded t shirts for clients and customers 

Another reason you may want to get branded t shirts printed for a corporate event may be for your customers or clients! This is known more as merchandise marketing, and it works fantastically well, especially during corporate events. 

Giving branded t shirts away to customers or clients during corporate events is a great way of giving something back to your community, and also rewarding any sales or engagement too. 

Here are some ways we’ve seen branded t shirts used at corporate events: 

  • Branded t shirts could be given away in goody bags with other promotional items 
  • Branded t shirts could be given away as a reward for signing up your details or giving you personal info (which could lead to later sales and enquiries)
  • Branded t shirts can be given away as the prizes for competitions 
  • Branded t shirts can be given away as an incentive for sharing on social media or sharing your brand’s information 

As you can see from the above, there are lots of ways to get creative with branded t shirts at corporate events, and we’d love to help you design and print your branded t shirts for your next event. Our branded t shirts can be detailed to match your exact requirements, and we have many designs and styles for you to choose from. 

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