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Polo shirts are ideal items of clothing for all manner of situations. Whether worn as a casual garment for a night out, as part of a workplace uniform or as a kit for sporting purposes, polo shirts can serve a wide variety of purposes. However, it’s vitally important that you select a polo shirt that’s appropriate for the purpose to which you intend to put it.

While size, colour and design are all integral facets of choosing the right polo shirt, its weight is another crucial factor which often goes unconsidered. Indeed, many people may not even be aware that there are different weights of polo shirts at all, instead simply assuming that all are made in exactly the same manner. In truth, the weight of a polo shirt is all-important in affecting not only how it looks, but also how it feels to the wearer.

How polo shirt weight is measured

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Polo shirt weights are measured in exactly the same way that all other types of garment fabrics are – in grams per square metre, or GSM for short. The overall weight of the fabric is most heavily influenced by the fibres and yarns that were used in its production, but can also be affected by the manner in which it is woven. Generally speaking, there are three different 

categories of fabric weight, which are as follows:

  • Lightweight fabrics – these fall between 30 and 150 GSM
  • Medium Weight fabrics – these fall between 150 and 350 GSM
  • Heavyweight fabrics – these are used to indicate anything above 350 GSM

While it might be tempting to assume that a heavier fabric instantly indicates a higher quality garment, that’s not always the case. For example, some materials are created by weaving together finer fibres and yarns, resulting in an end product that is both lightweight and luxurious at the same time. Cottons woven with longer staple fibres, for example, can produce garments that feel superior to the touch and sit lightly on the skin.

Which weight is suitable for me?

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As mentioned above, it’s not simply a case that the heavier the polo shirt, the higher quality the garment. Each of the weight categories listed above have their own advantages and drawbacks, meaning that some are more appropriate for certain situations than others. When considering which polo shirt you want to choose, it’s a good idea to factor in the purpose to which you intend to put it and the environment in which it will be worn.

The final decision will depend upon your unique situation, but as a general rule of thumb and a base from which to begin to make your judgements, you can assume that:

  • Light-weight polo shirts are normally made from performance polyester fabrics. This means that they contain excellent wicking and moisture absorption properties, making them ideal for sporting environments or ones in which the wearer is likely to become hot and would benefit from a garment that allows breathability.
  • Medium-weight polo shirts are normally made from a mixture of polyester and cotton fibres and constitute an excellent compromise between the two other extremes. For that reason, they are the most popular type of polo shirt, combining comfort, performance and longevity in one attractive package that can be put to a variety of purposes.
  • Heavy-weight polo shirts are normally made from more hard-wearing fabrics which make them ideal for climates which are colder and in which the wearer will be subject to more extreme conditions. The heavier fabric will provide additional warmth, while their durability means they are ideal for construction sites, warehouses or other industrial working environments.

Again, these are mere generalised rules of thumb and you should carefully consider the type of fabric you wish your polo shirt to be made from, as well as the aesthetic and functionality factors of the final product, when making your decision.

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