How to encourage learning with personalised kids’ stationery



Personalised children’s stationery can help make school more fun than ever! Here are some of the top ways in which it can encourage learning:

It encourages creativity!

With pens and pencils at their disposal, the only limit is your child’s imagination! With personalised stationery, you can write a story, draw a spaceship to visit the stars or doodle to your heart’s content. Unleashing your child’s creativity allows them to discover their own hidden talents, laying the groundwork for their own future development. Sparking the imagination from a young age makes learning a fun and enjoyable process!

It makes learning personal!

When you buy personalised stationery for kids you are not just allowing your children to express themselves – you are giving them a sense of personal pride and ownership. When seeing their name on their pen or pencil, they immediately know that it is special and unique to them. It is not just any old HB pencil or colouring pen, and as a result, they know that it was bought by someone who truly cares about them.

Personalised stationery doesn’t just have to include their name, you can personalise items with any logos or designs you like!

Back to basics!

In an increasingly technological world, personalised stationery is a throwback to the old days of pen and paper. With spending on technology in the classroom expected to hit record highs, teaching children the importance of being able to write with their hand is still a vital skill and ensuring that children are properly equipped for this is absolutely crucial. Personalised stationery allows children to learn these core skills whilst also making writing and drawing fun in the process!

Whilst personalised kids stationery allows them to explore their creative side, why limit this process to pens and pencils?

Personalisation doesn’t just have to be limited to stationery!

With developments in printing technology, personalisation is easier than ever! Personalised books are on the rise helping children get interested in reading by placing them at the heart of their favourite stories alongside their favourite characters! From Peppa Pig and Mr Men to The Very Hungry Caterpillar, personalised books not only teach children the basics of reading from a young age, but they also help to lay the groundwork for literacy skills and development at school.

Development in the field of literacy does not just have to be confined to children, teachers need to be equipped with the skills to develop pupil comprehension as outlined in this useful TES blog.

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