How to Keep your Workwear Clean



A strong first impression is paramount to the success of any business working in any industry. What’s the best way to achieve that effect? With a smart and stylish company uniform, of course. That doesn’t just apply to the design and decoration of the workwear, either, but also to its state of cleanliness.

Employees who wear pristine uniforms will not only be equipped to perform their duties to the best of their ability, but will also look incredibly professional while doing so. In fact, depending on the industry in which you operate, keeping your workwear clean and tidy might actually be a legal obligation. In the medical, cosmetics or food sectors, for example, hygiene is a crucial consideration, while personal protection equipment (PPE) used in construction and industrial environments must be kept clean in order to function properly.

Keep your Workwear Clean

With all of those points in mind, it should be abundantly clear that keeping your company workwear clean should be high on your agenda. But how should you go about it? Well, different garments need different levels of care and attention. Depending upon the purpose to which they are put and the environment in which they are worn, there may be different requirements with regard to the washing process. Let’s take a look at a few of the major uniform styles:

Oxford long sleeve shirt for menCorporate workwear

A sharp suit is instrumental in creating a great first impression – but not if it’s dirty, stained or creased. Shirts, blouses and trousers are normally machine washable, but you may want to take your suit jacket and any other delicate items to a dry cleaner for a professional service. The advantage of this method is that it will be returned to you ironed, pressed and looking good as new.

Beauty and cosmetics workwear

Those working within an industry that prides itself on taking good care of aesthetic appearance is perhaps under more pressure from any other to ensure its staff are impeccably turned out. The tunics, blouses and other apparel worn by beauticians and cosmetics professional are normally suitable for the washing machine, but always check the label to see if there are any restrictions.

Sports kits and uniforms

It’s inevitable that sports kits will pick up tough grass and mud stains if the game is played al fresco, but even indoor matches will surely result in uniforms saturated in sweat after the final whistle. Fortunately, these are among the easiest items to keep clean, since they’re generally made of material resistant to high temperatures and can almost always be safely washed in the machine.

Gastronomy workwear

When working in close proximity with food all day, it’s highly likely that a chef will end up with some of it on him. Although many kitchens are located out of public sight, a pristine chef’s whites communicate professionalism and panache, while there’s also the hygiene angle to be considered. The durable fabrics used in kitchen clothing means it can normally stand up to repeat machine washes at high temperatures.

new personalised workwearHealthcare workwear

There’s that word again – hygiene. In an industry where people’s lives are hanging in the balance, keeping medical scrubs and other forms of workwear spotlessly clean is of the highest importance. For that reason, it’s imperative that healthcare uniforms are washed at very high temperatures, to ensure that not only all stains are thoroughly removed, but that all bacteria are destroyed, too.

Construction workwear

Those working on construction sites will likely need to wear PPE, which may include hi-vis clothing. It’s vital that retroreflective materials are kept free from dirt and other detritus, since this can inhibit their performance. However, washing hi-vis attire at high temperatures or with certain chemicals can also damage the fabric and make it less effective.

For best results, turn the garment inside out before washing so that it doesn’t come into contact with the machine walls, and use a mild detergent at a lukewarm temperature. Again, the label is the best place to find specific information about what is and what is not acceptable.

Updating your company wardrobe

While regularly cleaning is compulsory to keep your uniforms (and the staff wearing them) looking spick and span, any garment will reach a point where wear and tear has become too much for it. Generally speaking, uniforms have a lifespan of between one and four years, depending on the materials they’re constructed from, the environments to which they’re exposed and the purposes to which they’re put.

When it comes time to update your company wardrobe, Garment Printing are on hand to lend our expertise and extensive catalogue of workwear options. Regardless of the industry you work in or the type of uniform you require, we’re sure to have a wealth of choices that will suit any profession and business. Check out our online catalogue today!

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