How to Master A Tote Bag Design in 6 Simple Steps

Gavin Drake

Gavin Drake

At Garment Printing, we are very aware of the ever-growing popularity of personalised tote bags. Therefore, when considering promotional merchandise for your event, no matter what the scaleprinted promotional merchandise are one thing to keep in mind. Personalised bags have become one of the main endorsement solutions amongst event-planners, whether it be promoting your band or creating charity merchandise for fundraisers, personalised tote bags are an extremely effective ways of promotion and appeal to a wide target audience. To know more about the importance of this product you can read here and see 5 important reasons why you should use them.

Now that we know the importance of the personalised tote bags we want you to use in the right context and create the best design for them. Apart from giving them as a gift in any event, it is also very important to create a very good and attractive design that stands out in front of your audience. To come up with the perfect product we need a high quality tote bag that combines perfectly with a really nice design. With us you can create the best personalised clothing. Also  we want you provide you 6 simple steps for you to master the design for your tote bags to achieve your brand awareness goals.

1. Know your Audience

Before you start creating the best design for your tote bag, you need to know who are you addressing to. It is important to know your audience. Every audience or group of people is different from each other, as they have their likes and dislikes. Not everyone is attracted to the same image, color or design. The more we know the target audience, the more effective our ideas will be to create the perfect tote bag design.

2. Plan and Take your Time

Rome wasn’t built in a day. The truth is that good stuff takes time, so if you want to come up with the best design for your tote bags you need to take the necessary time. Think the best strategy to reach your selected audience. With time and planning you will find the perfect design that will be appealing to more customers. It’s important you create something that you can be proud of and show to everyone.

3. Simplicity is Usually a Bonus

The best designs are always the simplest. They push a message thought a very simple way, with one short frase o one clear images that portrays the correct message. So don’t think on a very complex design, this could get people confuse and you could give a different message that the one you want to proyect.

4. Color is Key

A very important part when you are creating your design is the colors you will use. The colors used on the design have to match with your message and branding to cause a mayor impact on people, make it attractive and keep your branding consistent. At Garment Printing we are experts in printing and we can advise you which will be the best color depending on your needs. We have a qualified team ready to help you in anything you need.

5. Get a Preview

After you send your tote bags to print is important you see a preview of how the final product is going to look. When you see you design on a tote bag you may have some other ideas or change some parts that do not work well. It’s important to say that the preview will never be 100% accurate, it may differ slightly from the final product. You can read our Terms and Conditions to see how our visuals work.

6. Trust the Best Printing Company

This is possible the most important part when creating your designs. A good personalised clothing company will also be able to talk you through the different printing techniques and advise you which technique will be perfect for your design. It is also important to learn what kind of tote bag you want to print on.

Weight, size, labels, cost, etc can all affect your tote bag selection and, in consequence, affect your brand. When talking to a printing company ensure that they know what they’re talking about and they’re always thinking about how to turn your design into a work of art – otherwise you’ll end up disappointed.

Do not hesitate to contact us, Garment Printing is more than happy to help you get the best personalized items. With our help you can make your business grow and expand to many more markets. Contact us now through the 0207 101 9315 or through our Quick Quote and a member of our team will be contacting you in about 15 minutes.

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