How to Start Using Power Banks to Promote your Business



Nowadays, using our smartphone has become almost a reflexive action. Whether it’s checking directions from an online map, chatting with friends through social media or staying up to date with all the latest current affairs, there’s hardly an hour of our waking lives which goes by that doesn’t involve flipping out our phones and logging on. In fact, a recent study found that the figure could be even higher that – the average Briton consults their phone 28 times daily and over 10,000 times per year.

Of course, such intensive use of the hardware is guaranteed to drain any battery, no matter how large or sophisticated it is. In these moments, when only a few percent remain and the prospect of being left without a connection to cyberspace looms large, a power bank can be an absolute godsend. That’s why branding power banks with your company name and logo, before distributing them to employees, clients and hot prospects, is an ingenious way of building your company’s profile and widening its appeal.

Why Power Banks Work

With power banks such an in-demand, en vogue product, they’re guaranteed to be used frequently and placed in visible locations where they will achieve maximum brand exposure. What’s more, they’re widely perceived as a high-value item which will resonate with those to whom you gift them and make them more likely to entertain a favourable impression of your company. As such, a marketing campaign which incorporates promotional power banks can’t really go wrong, but here are some ideas on how best to use them to optimise their effect:

powerbanks promotional

Include them with other purchases

Especially successful if your company works within the tech industry, but often equally effective in others as well, throwing in a branded power bank along with the purchase of another high-value item is a good way to elevate your company in the customer’s eyes and establish the beginnings of a long-term relationship with them. As such a practical item, they’re sure to appreciate the gesture and even if they have no use for it personally, they can give it to a friend – which is basically doing your marketing department’s job for it.

Make them a prize in competitions

Listing branded power banks as the prize in an online competition is an excellent way to bulk out your mailing list and raise brand awareness, all in one fell swoop. In exchange for their names and email addresses, you can enter applicants into a prize draw. This arrangement will make everyone a winner: you gain access to the personal data of potentially thousands of new prospects and they have a chance of getting something for nothing. While power banks are viewed as a high-value item, they’re perhaps not deserving of the top prize; consider donating a more expensive product as the jackpot and 10 branded power banks for the runners-up (or something along those lines).

Send to prospective clients

Do you have a prospective client on the hook, but they won’t sign on the dotted line? Nothing says you value their business more successfully and succinctly than sending them a branded power bank with your company name and logo on the side. Likely to form a permanent fixture on their desk or in their bag, it’ll pose a constant reminder of the impending deal and their unwritten obligation to honour it every time they charge their device. When they just aren’t quite ready to commit, a promotional power bank can be the nudge they need to convert into a sale.

printed power banks

Issue them to employees

One under-appreciated but highly effective use of promotional power banks is distributing them among your own workforce. By gifting them to your own staff, you’ll show them that you value their commitment and work ethic in the office, making them feel valued as a member of the team. This will not only boost morale levels, increase productivity and encourage them to stay loyal to your company if potential suitors come a-calling, but will also increase the likelihood that they will speak to their friends about their workplace in favourable terms. Word of mouth should never be underestimated as a sales tool.

Take them to trade events

Perhaps the most logical location to hand out promotional items is at a trade show, business conference or other corporate event. Given the hectic nature of these affairs and the long hours they often command, it’s highly likely that attendees will be suffering from depleted batteries and dying phones… so you can be perfectly placed to swoop to their rescue with a branded power bank. With your company’s name printed on the side of it, you can rest assured they won’t forget your business or the favour you did them in a hurry.

Think outside the box

Just because commercial events are the most obvious places to distribute promotional giveaways, they’re by no means the only one. Any occasion which enjoys high attendance – from sporting events to music festivals to entertainment expositions – poses a perfect opening for you to offer attendees the chance to recharge their batteries on the go. These kinds of opportunities can be especially effective, in that they allow you access to a market in which you might not normally operate.

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