How to throw the perfect baby shower with personalised items



You’ve made it through the pregnancy, and now it’s time to throw a baby shower before the beautiful bundle arrives. A baby shower is one of those life-events that doesn’t come around often (like a hen do!) and it’s something you’ll want to make extra special and memorable. The planning stage should be really fun and enjoyable, so make a cup of tea and take a read of our guide to throwing the perfect baby shower with personalised items.

The invitations

Personalised baby shower invitations are the perfect place to start planning your beautiful baby shower. We recommend sending personalised baby shower cards out around a month before the event – this gives people plenty of time to make sure they’re free, and plan any gifts they want to bring you.

Make your invitations special and memorable, so they really set the tone for the party and let people know what to expect. There are lots of lovely ways you can personalise your invitations, but we recommend getting them specially printed with all the relevant details on. Include details such as the date, location, time, and duration. Also mention if there’s anything they should bring, or if there is a gift list online.

A lovely touch is to include a photograph of the baby scan you received too – as this may be many people’s first chance to see the baby!

The little details

On the day of your baby shower it’s really important to pay attention to the little details. Adding personalisation to the details makes it even more special, so it’s something you won’t want to miss out on.

Personalised baby shower stickers, or a personalised baby shower sash are lovely things to look into and might also make for wonderful photo opportunities on the day with friends and family. These kinds of details give the event a sense of occasion and get everyone into the celebrating mood. You could buy your sister a sash that says ‘auntie to be’ and your Mum a sash that says ‘Grandma’ for example.

Here are some other fun baby shower details:

  • Serve drinks from baby bottles instead of wine or champagne glasses
  • Give out baby bibs when you serve the food (you can keep them for baby afterwards of course)
  • Colour coordinate the cake to the baby’s gender (maybe this can be a surprise for guests)
  • Have people dress in the colour of the gender
  • Have baby-themed food, like cookies and milk.

All of these things make the day really enjoyable and memorable for you and your friends too and give you lots of chances to take photos.

The gifts

Of course, as with every baby shower, there will be gifts! If you want to ask for personalised baby clothes on your wish-list, you absolutely should. People will be eager to buy whatever you feel most excited about, so if you want your baby head to toe in personalised gear, now is the time to say. A few ideas are below:

Keeping memories and saying thank you

During the baby shower, it’s a lovely idea to get people to sign a personalised baby shower guest book. Ask them to write name suggestions, predictions about the baby, or just kind words for the child to read when they’re older. You can later stick in any photographs from the day.

After the event, it’s a lovely idea to send out personalised thank you cards to everyone who came. You could personalise the cards with a photo of the baby (if they have arrived!) or with photos from the baby shower itself. People will love hearing from you, and it’s a way to extend the excitement and festivities a little longer.

The games

It wouldn’t be a baby shower without lots of fun baby shower games! The best thing about games is that you can personalise them too! It’s a great way to get everyone involved with the day, and it’s a lovely way to get everyone talking too. Here are some fun game ideas:

  • Guess the person from the baby photo. Get everyone to bring in their own baby photo, and pin them all on a corkboard. Now everyone has to go around and guess which photo belongs to which friend or family member. It’s really fun seeing everyone’s baby photos, and it’ll get everyone laughing too. You can even throw some celebrity baby photos in there too just to confuse people!
  • Guess the baby food. This one is for the more adventurous party planners. The idea is to buy lots of baby food and serve it in bowls for people to try. Once you’ve tried them you have to guess what the flavour is – the winner is the person who guesses the most right. To personalise this game, you could ask each guest to bring their personal favourites, or ones they found at the supermarket.
  • Make a craving station. We all know pregnancy is full of crazy cravings, so having all your guests who experienced cravings bring in whatever theirs was. Then you have to guess the which craving belonged to which Mum.
  • Guess the size of the bump. Everyone has to guess the circumference of your baby bump. Once everyone has made a guess, you measure it and announce the winner, who gets a prize.

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