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“Selling event day merchandise has become an integral part of our marketing and sales strategy. Not only do the sales generate a new revenue stream, but having my clients walking around in, and using branded items is great ‘free’ advertising.”

These are the words of Mark from BeachFit Barcelona after he received printed merchandise that we created for him.

I’ve written before about the benefits of selling your own merchandise at your events and our customers are also seeing the huge benefits of doing this as well. But what exactly is meant by ‘free’ advertising?

Well, BeachFit is a new craze that has swept through the streets of Barcelona. If offers a number of different classes which are designed to promote a healthier lifestyle and encourage peoples to take to the streets and work up a sweat – resulting in a healthier and more active lifestyle, increasing your life span and reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Aside from their membership fees, BeachFit also raises additional revenue by selling their own BeachFit branded merchandise – ranging from vests to water bottles, and it’s something that they’ve found incredibly valuable to them but not just for the money that they make through sales.

One big advantage, which is often overlooked, is the amount of free advertising that happens as a result of each sale. Image, for example, that you have just signed up to BeachFit and to help you get fit and healthy you decide to purchase a running vest and a water bottle. When you’re walking to your session, you’re walking around with a printed top on that proudly states “BEACHFIT” – exposing this brand to everyone that you pass.

Now, imagine that you’ve decided to go to the gym as well to help you get healthier, quicker. At the gym, you take your branded water bottle which you take around with you, other gym goers see the branded water bottle and they’re intrigued as to what BeachFit actually is – so they ask you about it and you explain what it is and what they do. You’ve just advertised BeachFit to a complete stranger and, as a result, they’ll get another member and the chance to raise even more money through their merchandise – it all sounds too simple to be true but, in actual fact, it is true.

Beach Fit aren’t the only customer who benefits from the beauty of printed merchandise either. Take New Forest Marathon, for example, they hold an annual event where they required 5000 printed T Shirts to give away to everyone who takes part in the event. Each of the 5000 tops was printed with the New Forest Marathon logo and their contact details.

This meant that on the day of the event, 5000 were running around the streets of New Hampshire with the New Forest Marathon T Shirts which helps to promote the run and the organisation behind it. Each of these 5000 people also had pictures of themselves taken at the event and these pictures were uploaded to their own Facebook accounts (and other social media accounts) – so as you can imagine, the amount of exposure that was received as a result of this was huge.

This all helps to increase the popularity of the event and it encourages more people to sign up to the event each year.

So, whether you’re looking to increase your brand’s recognition, or if you’re looking for ways to make more revenue from the events that you have – supplying printed running shirts and printed merchandise to your customers is an excellent way of not only raising that extra income – but you’ll also increase your exposure and  increase the number of people who take part in your events.

If you’re hosting your own event, or if you’re thinking of taking part in someone else’s, and you want to learn about the different ways that you can raise extra revenue from printed merchandise, or if you’re looking for ways to increase your exposure, recognition and, ultimately, sign ups – fill out the contact form below and learn about the fantastic products and services that we offer and how we can turn your next event into the most successful one yet!

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