Hungry London? Let’s UberEat!



Yesterday, Uber announced the launch of the latest city where they’ll be offered their UberEats food service and that city is – London!

The service, which officially launched at 11am yesterday (Thursday, 16th June), is initially available in the centre of London and the service will be running for 7 days a week from 11am until 11pm.

The service was announced in a recent blog post on Uber’s website. In the post, they also announced that more than 150 restaurants have signed up to the service and they’ve also announced plans to expand the service outside of the London area within the “coming weeks”.

Now that London is offering the service, UberEats has expanded its availability to 18 different cities across the world. This move sees London become the second city in Europe to offer UberEats (Paris being the first) and the first city within the United Kingdom to have the service available.

The move will instantly put Uber in direct competition with other companies offering a similar service such as JustEat, Deliveroo and Hungry House who all offer food delivery services through an app or website. Uber’s version though will work in a similar way to their taxi ordering application where you can use the UberEats application to order your food and also track the location of the delivery through the application or through their website.

To celebrate the launch, for the first month delivery on all orders in London will be free of charge. Also, if your food isn’t delivered within 30 minutes you’ll receive £20 off your next order. For the initial order, though, make sure that you use the code UberEatsLondon to get £10 off!

UberEats was originally launched as an extra feature which resided within Uber’s taxi-hailing application but late last year it was launched as a separate standalone application which is available on both Android and iOS phones.

Once you’ve logged into the app, you can then browse through menus of restaurants which are local to you and then you can easily order your food to be delivered directly to your location thanks to GPS which is built into your site.

The UberEats App

The general manager of UberEats in London, Alex Czarnecki, said:

I think people will come to UberEats for the same reason they come to Uber in the first place. This is going to be significantly faster than competitors.”

Another feature which is being carried across from the original Uber car app is the rating system. This system was originally set up to weed out the bad drivers from the company and in UberEats, it’ll do the same for both couriers and restaurants in a move which aims to provide the best possible service and the best possible food for the customers.

Uber have also stated that they have signed up thousands of different delivery couriers and each of them is paid a per-mile, per-delivery rate which is said to be the equivalent of £10 per hour. This compares to the £7 an hour a £1 per delivery model which Deliveroo currently pays its couriers in London.

So, if you’re feeling hungry and fancy a takeaway of your favourite meal from your favourite restaurant – make sure you check out UberEats and don’t forget to claim your £10 discount.

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