Make Your Stag Do A Roaring Success With Matching T-shirts



Part of this is having fun with dress codes and costumes. Loads of stag groups choose to do fancy dress on one of the nights, but if that seems a bit over the top – maybe have a think about matching t shirts instead. We think matching t shirts are the ultimate stag do accessory, and here’s why they make an awesome choice…

It makes for an epic photo opportunity

You might not want photos of the night itself (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – as the saying goes!) but you’ll definitely want a couple of photos at the start of the night or holiday to remember it by. Matching t shirts look awesome in stag do photos, and it’s a photo you’ll be able to keep forever to remember the night by.

It’s a talking point

Let’s face it, if you’re out in a new city or if you’re on a stag do abroad, having a talking point is a great idea. Matching stag do t shirts gives people a conversation starter and it can be a great way of meeting people and introducing the group. Sometimes the best fun on a stag do comes from the people and the strangers you meet, so having something that welcomes conversation is great.

They let everyone know who the groom is

Most stag do t shirts will have people’s names on or their position in the wedding party. So you can label people as ‘usher’ and ‘best man’ and ‘groom’ (and so on). Having these is great because you’ll be able to spot exactly where everyone is at all times. Especially the key person – the groom!

It’s perfect for big stag groups

If you’re planning a stag do of over 10 people, matching t shirts is ideal. If you’re inviting that many people (we’ve seen stag dos of over 30 guys before!) not everyone will know each other and may not necessarily have time to introduce themselves to everyone. Having names on the t shirts, means no one has to awkwardly introduce themselves, and also if you’re all in matching t shirts you’ll all know you’re part of the same party. It’ll help the group stay together during the night.

They make a great souvenir

Everyone can keep their matching stag do t shirts after the night out, so it becomes a great souvenir (or momento) from the night. It’s also great for reunions later on, if you all turn up wearing your matching shirts again!

Get in touch!

We’re sure you’re now convinced how great matching t shirts can be for an epic stag do. If you’d like us to provide you with a quote for your stag party, please feel free to get in touch.

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