May in London; get your t-shirt printing in London organised soon for some of these great branding events



London is always a hub of activity and professional events, and it seems like every day there is something new to enjoy or soak in.

One thing London is fantastic for, is holding branded and organised events for specific industries and companies. These events are a great way to show off your brand, get talking to potential customers, and engage with existing ones.

And… we all know that during industry events, the most crucial thing is to stand out. When there are lots of other brands working closely, who may be competitors or near-competitors, you want to ensure your brand is the one people remember.

How can you do that? With promotional and printed merchandise, and by wearing matching t shirts. First of all – getting your staff kitted out in matching t shirts is a must. It gives your brand and logo much needed exposure and it means people always know who you work for. Merchandise also works wonders for branding, and it’s a fantastic way to make your brand stand out and be seen. It’s also a fantastic way to keep your brand in the forefront of your customer’s mind for days to come. Branded t shirts are the ultimate piece of merchandise, but you could also try pens, notebooks, tote bags, hoodies, bar mats, etc.

But what events are taking place in May where you can take advantage of this opportunity? Here are some of our favourites…

London Wine Week

A week-long festival celebrating all things wine, all across the city. If you’re a bar or a restaurant in London, there’s so much fun you could have with this. Why not get personalised t shirts for your staff, each with their favourite bottle of wine on… and whoever sells the most wine that week gets a prize! You could even get novelty t shirts printed for your customers to purchase with funny wine-related slogans on.

The Great Hampstead Bark off

Think of this event as ‘Crufts’ but not as long and not as fancy. There will be a dog-themed bake sale, a dog show, and prizes awarded too. It’s all held in support of All Dogs Matter too which means it’s for a great cause. If you’re taking part in the show and you want to have matching printed t shirts made, it could be a great way to spark up even more conversation around dog rehoming and the fantastic cause behind the event.

London Craft Week

Crafting is a way of life and a passion for those who love it – and London Craft Week is a fun, diverse and exceptional branded event with lots of opportunities for brands to get involved and promote their stuff. There are hidden workshops, famous studios, galleries, competitions, shops and luxury brands.

London Cats Expo

This is where all cat-lovers and pet brands are heading to in May in London. If your brand is a cat-centric brand and you’re headed to promote your products at the show – make sure you’ve got personalised matching t shirts. There will be hundreds of brand exhibiting at this show, so you want to make sure you don’t fade into the background.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

This is perhaps the biggest and most high-profile show in London during May. The Royal Chelsea Flower Show is a stunning and colourful array of florists, and floral-related products, in the heart of London West-End. If you’re exhibiting this year, why not match your clothing to your flowers, and go the extra mile? With so much going on at this particular show, anything you can do to ensure you stand out amongst the crowd is a must.

Hackney Half Marathon & Hackney Festival of Fitness

These are both fantastic opportunities for branding if you’re in the fitness industries and both provide fantastic opportunities to promote your fitness or lifestyle brands. If you’re got several people attending to show support, make sure you’ve kitted them out in matching printed t shirts!

Covent Garden May Fayre and Puppet Festival

You’ve heard of the famous puppet duo Punch and Judy, and this month enthusiasts from around the country gather at Covent Garden to celebrate the puppets and enjoy lots of wonderful shows. It’s held in the garden of St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden (The Actors’ Church).

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