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Inspired by the colourful and fulfilling travelling experiences, cultures and friends in Asia, sisters Louise and Nicole decided not to go back to their office jobs and instead go after their passion for fashion. It was after making this decision that the two founded Trollied Dolly, an irresistible  blend of vintage inspired designs and patterns with a modern London twist thrown in for good measure. Drawing their inspiration from the bold and beautiful with a uniquely quirky dolly texture.


Ranging styles from the 50s to the 70s, they serve up a wide range of frocks, tops, dresses, jumpsuits, skirts and jewellery made of premium fashion and unique patterns. The fit delightfully, are accessible and easy to wear, all the while reflecting a completely chic look. Trollied Dolly dresses make an uber-chic and feminine option to add to your wardrobe.

Whilst London’s Spitalfields Market was the first window of opportunity to tell the dresses of this family run label, it has grown to become a popular and distinctive brand in England’s capital city. It is also available to be bought in several shops and online stores worldwide.

The clever and catchy names of their collections clearly highly a strong brand personality and a unique bond that they share with their customers: Shifty Sista, Going Out on a Shout…


Their frocks, tops and skirts are diverse enough to find something groovy to shine brightly at a party, and an elegant, quirky but sober dress for a more business-like environment. The accessories that they create are shiny, bold and edgy and they’re versatile enough to match different clothing ensembles so they can perfectly complement different styles.

Amongst their collection you’ll also find a range of custom T-Shirt options. One of our favourites is the gorgeous V-neck option which features a beautiful, embroidered butterfly. Embroidery is one trend that’s making its comeback in the fashion industry – watch this space.

If we’ve managed to peak your interest with the descriptions of their high-quality, vibrant and beautiful designs, you can visit their website to shop online and you can follow them on both Facebook and Twitter to keep informed about any offers, new collections and sales.

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