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If you’ve seen The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy then you’ll understand the Babel Fish – a tiny fish like creature which goes inside your ear and translates any language into your own native tongue allowing you to have perfectly conversations even when different languages are spoken.

You’d be forgiven if you thought that this technology would never be made available and to have languages spanning different languages you’d have to take the time to learn each language. Well, Pilot earphones are set to change all of that by providing you with Babel Fish-like technology that will translate between English, French, Spanish and Italian directly into your ear.

The device works by being connected to two different people who are speaking two different languages and translates the conversion into your own language directly into your ear. This means that the Pilot will be the world’s first ‘smart earpiece’ that is able to directly translate languages in real-time.

The Pilot is developed by Waverly Labs and they state on their website:

“This little wearable uses translation technology to allow two people to speak different languages but still clearly understand each other.”

Waverly Labs have stopped short of explaining exactly how the earpiece will work, but they did mention that it will use “translation technology” which is embedded directly into an app.

The first generation of the device will only work between two people who are both wearing the earpiece. However, the hope is that one day it will be able to translate everything that is happening around you when you’re visiting a foreign country.

So, what inspired Waverly Labs to come up with technology? I would like to say that Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy was the inspiration behind this invention, but the truth is that one of the technicians working for Waverly Labs came up with the idea after “meeting a French girl” and wanting to communicate with her without knowing any French.


Waverly Labs are set to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo where people who are looking to purchase the first iteration of the technology can pre-order the Pilot for between £90 and £125. When it’s released for general sale, the Pilot is expected to sell for between £174 and £209.

The device will come in three different colours and will be available for pre-order from the 25th of May.

Google Translation

What other options are there?

Google have their own translation app which can translate what you’re saying to your phone from one language into another in real-time. What’s more, they recently updated their application to include ‘Tap to Translate’ when you’re using an Android phone. This means that you can simply copy the text of a chat, comment, song lyric and more from inside whichever app you’re using.

As well as the new feature, it still includes the ability to talk directly to your phone and translate what you’re saying into any different language that you want – meaning real-time language translation right on your mobile device.

As well as Google, Skype can also translate between different callers who are using the Skype software to make calls and video chats. The feature works when the call features multiple speakers who are talking in different languages and translates the language for you. The translation software currently works for up to 7 different languages.

The Skype software also boasts “machine learning” so the more that you use it, the better the translation will get.

Why’s this important to us?

As a company that has offices in Spain and offers T-Shirt printing as well as printed merchandise across Europe, the ability to speak different languages and talk to our staff members and customers in different European countries is important to us.

With translation software such as the Pilot, it would mean that we would be able to provide the highest-quality printing services to all of our customers no matter where they’re ordering from and allow us to provide the best customer service and ensure that all orders are printed correctly.

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