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So, it’s Monday, March 14th which can mean only one thing – WE FINISHED OUR MIDNIGHT RUN!

You may have read posts that we made recently explaining how a team of staff from Garment Printing was hitting the streets of Barcelona to complete a 10km run which was complete with activity stops at every 2km. For us, we used the event as an excellent opportunity to get fit as well as raising money for Action for Children – a brilliant charity which aims to make lives better for children and their families.


Set on the streets of Barcelona, the run promised one thing if nothing else – amazing views of the city as the runners all took to the streets together and ran passed amazing buildings, monuments and, of course, the beach. Our team of runners were ready at the start line, wearing the printing running shirts that we had made especially for the event.

After a short wait which mainly consisted of stretches and final preparations for the run, the music began the start in the background and everyone gathered around to be told what to expect from the run which included the activity stops. The music was to be a regular feature throughout the run as the hosts of the event ran with speakers attached to them which were playing motivational music which inspired all of the runners to keep on pushing through until the end.

As we all began running, we found that our team of runners quickly got into a steady stride as we ran around Barcelona’s Port Vell which was just by the coast and surround by impressive yachts and people who were out exploring the nightlife. Just as we found our stride we were brought to a stop to complete the first activity challenge – squats! As we stopped everyone got involved and the music continued to play around us. Various passersby turned into supporters and began cheering and recording on their phones. As we began running again, everyone began cheering back at the crowd to emphasise that this wasn’t just a run – it was about enjoying ourselves on the way around.

Once we got started again, we ran around the side of the port and began to make our way into the heart of Barceloneta – a small coastal village set on the edge of Barcelona. We crossed over roads which featured cars stopped to allow the runners passed and waiters and guests from the local bars and restaurants all gathered to see what was happening.

Once we arrived at the beach it was time for our second activity – lunges – but it wasn’t long before we were heading back on our way and, this time, up along the coast towards Port Olímpic. The run along the beach was greeted with more support from locals and tourists who were enjoying the nightlife that Barceloneta has to offer. On our journey to Port Olímpic, there was another activity stop – this time, sit ups – before we were back on our journey.

As we made our way towards the Port Olímpic we passed through areas which had busy restaurants with smells that teased our nostrils as we ran past (at one point I nearly had to make a detour when I could smell some amazing chicken being cooked). Once we arrived at Port Olímpic it was time for another challenge – this time, it was planks and leg raises. Following on from the running and the previous challenges it was getting more and more difficult to complete every challenge and the inclusion of leg raises wasn’t a welcomed one.

After the leg raises we made our way back the way we came arriving at the area where we first entered the beach as the run was over. This time, instead of an activity, everyone who had taken part gathered around to cheer the creators of the event as well as dancing as the music continued to play.

About the cause:

We opted to do this run in order to raise money for a brilliant charity – Action For Children, a brilliant charity which was set up to make the lives of children and their families better and providing much-needed support to those who have nothing.

Taking part in physical and endurance tests is an excellent way to raise money for charities as it gives you a brilliant opportunity to get fit as well as allowing everyone to get involved through donations and providing support. We haven’t yet raised our target of £150 but there’s still time to donate and help us raise money for those who are in need.

So please, dig deep and donate at our JustGiving page and help us in our quest to make lives better.

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