Personalised fashion steals the show at London Fashion Week



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s many of you may know, London Fashion week has now been and gone for another year. This year, we were treated to many, many styles – some new and some reborn – to help stylise the world once again.

One of the more important theories to come out of London Fashion Week is that the idea of personalised clothing is the only style that you should be choosing. What this means is that you can recreate high street looks but, ultimately, it’s not personal and you’re simply copying someone else’s clothing style. We’ve all been there, say on a night out, where we’ve spent hours going through our wardrobe to create the perfect outfit that we’ve seen on the high street so that we can look the part and stand out – only to find that someone else is wearing the same clothing and we no longer look ‘unique’.

One of the main benefits of keeping your fashion personal to you is that you can’t be copied. You can’t be replicated. You’re unique. You’re…well…you. It’s been stated time and time again that the idea of trends is slowly coming to an end and this is highlighted by Gucci’s new designer, Alessandro Michele, who has heralded this new era of ‘anything goes’ fashion.

What this means is that, if you’re in London you could opt to visit Japanese designer labels Toga or Preen which provide clothing which is specifically designed to meet the needs of every woman.

Another option is you could create your own range of customised clothing – ensuring that your own style can remain completely unique to you. One easy way of doing this is by printing your own T Shirts an that’s great news for us here at Garment Printing. We can offer you custom T-Shirt printing all over the UK which allows you to specifically tailor your own clothing to suit your fashion needs and wants.

We also boast a wide range of different printing techniques which can help you to create stunning clothing ranges which is all made to an incredibly high standard. By using these techniques we can offer exceptional quality and long-lasting clothing which is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Got an idea but don’t know how to put it to print? Don’t worry! We also have friendly, professional staff and design experts who can assist you with everything from your design to what printing technique will show off your design perfectly. They will talk to you, get your ideas and create designs that you can approve before it’s printed to ensure that it’s exactly what you want – keeping it your design while ensuring that it’s also a design that other people will be jealous of.

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