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It is often said that you can tell a lot about a person from the type of stationery they possess, even more so if this is in fact, personalised stationery. What better way to represent yourself and your brand than by offering personalised printed stationery, such as custom notebookspromotional pens and USB sticks at promotional events? Here at Garment Printing we have a huge range of customised stationery available, which, through a variety of printing services that we offer, can be manipulated to fit the image of your brand perfectly. So let’s get you started!Get a Quote Now!

Personalised Pens

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a pen? Yet pens always seem to be the one product absent when you need them the most, right? You know the scenario well; you’re on the phone and the person at the other end is about to tell you a phone number that will refer you to the person in charge, you have paper ready to jot it down but… ah! Where are all the pens? Let’s be honest, you’ve been there, haven’t you? That’s why it’s so important to have as many of these elusive escapees around the place as possible. A personalised pen is commonplace in all kitchen draws across households everywhere, filled with an array of promotional pens in all shapes, styles and colours. It may well hold the title of most given away promo product, and this would be for a reason. Fitting perfectly in your top left jacket pocket or behind the ear, printed pens are the perfect corporate gift to be given out at promotional events.

The pen provides just enough space for you to print your logo and a brief slogan that you feel sums up your business’ brand identity and the message you want to convey to your clients. Ideally, the pen should be offered as a freebie at  business trade fairs. People love free merchandise, so it’s a guaranteed win investing in printed promotional stationery. In addition, to really consider all of your customers, why not consider having 10% of your pens designed for the left-handed user? This will make sure that the brand image and slogan is visible to them when writing. It’s a minor detail, but this shows attentiveness and in addition to the usefulness and effectiveness of the personalised pens we have available here at Garment Printing, this small detail could encourage your left-handed customers to utilise the services your company offers  again in the future.

The personalised pens can be ordered in a spectrum of colours and provide a low-cost marketing strategy  that gives your brand continuous publicity.

Personalised Notebooks, Diaries and Journals

Promotional stationery, such as a personalised notebook or notepad, is crucial for any business. Notebooks, diaries and journals are among some of the most useful pieces of stationery to have at your disposal, particularly one which has a stylish and professional design printed onto it. It goes without saying that this would be an incredibly effective and solid addition to any personalised office stationery set.

Despite the world becoming increasingly tech-orientated, nothing will ever replace jotting down notes on a piece of paper. Software developers are aware of this,  which is why they have developed applications to emulate this “pastime”, but who has the budget to be giving out free promotional iPads? We should embrace tradition and give the old fashioned pen and notebook combo a much needed revival in the form of promotional merchandise.

The front of the custom notepad provides a large space, which you can fill with a stylish and professional design and any relevant information about the company, such as a website or telephone number. Personalised notepads, custom diaries and journals are the perfect personalised office stationery for corporate gifts and can truly make a huge difference when appealing to new clients at promotional events. Personalised diaries can also be distributed amongst employees, which in addition to personalised pens and other personalised stationery, will have you team feeling united and valued. Transmit a positive message to employees and clients alike by offering them the best writing equipment available – a small detail they will no doubt appreciate. We have a variety of custom notebooks, personalised diaries and journals available. They come in a range of vibrant colours and each has a large surface area which you can print onto through a variety of different printing techniques that we offer here at Garment Printing.

Personalised USB Sticks

Personalised USB Sticks are an essential part of any pencil case, for those who find themselves working between two separate desktops or those who are just terrified of losing documents they’ve spent hours upon hours working on, and even those who know the soul-crushing sadness that consumes your very being when the blue screen of death destroys everything you’ve created, we know how you feel. So why not offer a personalised USB stick as a gift to help your clients avoid the same fate? It would certainly be put to use and it would provide a long lasting branding opportunity.

Our customised USB sticks come in a variety of different colours and have enough space for you to print your company’s logo. This is also arguably one of the most useful items on our list of corporate gifts and will be greatly appreciated by any receiver. This is the perfect promo product for those who work in the education or tech industry.

Freshers’ Week

Our personalised printed stationery for promotional events covers a lot of products, and with University Freshers’ week nationwide on the horizon, it presents a perfect opportunity to sell your company’s services to students. Everyone knows students are living on the brink of poverty, and the products they receive at society fairs are  ones that are cherished all year round. When they’re running out of paper, they’ll look over at the personalised printed notebook they received during freshers’ week and be reminded of the kind stranger who assured them that it would come in handy one day. Most students also forget to invest in things such as USB sticks so this would be a another promotional product  greatly appreciated and thoroughly utilised. A perfect accompaniment to personalised stationery would be our printed tote bags; a way for students to carry all the printed promotional merchandise given out by the hundreds of stalls, which many students would call a life saver!

For further information regarding personalised stationery, custom notebooks and printed tote bags, or for any advice regarding the other printing services we offer,give us a call or consult our website.

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