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There are many reasons for kitting out staff in personalised workwear, especially during the summer months. Think visibility, publicity and recognition. Summer is the time when everyone takes to the streets, hopping from one event to another, making the most of the warm weather. Whether it be a sporting event, charity run, food festival or music festival, summer is the time for outdoor events and the perfect moment for companies to promote their brand or latest product – and this means personalised uniforms, custom work clothes and printed hi vis vests. Yep, that’s right, personalised hi vis vests and jackets should be at the top of your list when organising an event this summer or sending your employees to work outdoors.

In this article, we’re going to look at all the different personalised workwear clothing options and when and where they are the most necessary and therefore the most effective. Not only can custom workwear be highly effective in terms of brand image and cohesion, but it can also help avoid accidents and make your staff easily visible in heavily populated places such as festivals and busy sporting events. In these instances a printed hi vis vest or personalised hi vis jacket with your company logo and website or telephone number is paramount.

Ranging from custom embroidered polo shirts and workwear hoodies to personalised hi vis clothing, we’re going to take you through all the custom workwear options for summer and outdoor events and outline their many benefits.

Personalised workwear for music events and festivals:

As we’ve mentioned above, personalised hi vis vests and printed hi vis jackets are crucial for the smooth running of any music event, concert, or most notably, festivals. With so many people condensed in one place, the attendees need to be able to easily spot a member of staff or security in the event that they need assistance. At large festivals like Glastonbury, Bestival or Reading, an extensive infrastructure is required in terms of security, transport, water and electricity, of course relying heavily on the world of festival volunteers and outsourced security services for the smooth running of such events. Imagine these staff members, greatly made up of workers with little experience, checking tickets, manning the gates and managing the car parks and recycling without custom hi vis clothing – frankly, it would be a complete disaster.

On the other hand, with so many young people in one place, festivals are an excellent event at which to promote your business, product or services. Let’s consider Glastonbury festival. With over 175,000 attendees, it’s the largest of the UK festivals and has become an advertiser’s dream. Brands, big and small, pay huge amounts of money to have their products on sale here or to have the opportunity to capture new customers. However, this is most effective when the brand is easily recognisable and transmits a positive attractive image of the company. How? With personalised workwear of course!

As festivals are during the summer, a light embroidered polo shirt or a classic printed T-Shirt are recommended, and of course, don’t forget to provide your staff with personalised baseball caps to wear while working in the hot sun. On second thoughts, you should probably cover all bases and get raincoats printed with your brand’s logo across the back. It is England after all.

Whatever the music event or festival and whatever area your staff work in, printed workwear is 100% necessary for efficiency, recognition and publicity. Though we’ve only mentioned printed hi vist jackets and vests, printed T Shirts, caps and custom work polos, there are so many different garments you could print on. As a company promoting its brand or latest product, consider offering promotional merchandise such as printed wristbands, personalised tote bags and badges,

Personalised workwear for sporting and other outdoor events:

Sporting events can sometimes be a little chaotic, meaning that the organisation needs to be flawless. Of course, this can be greatly assisted by the use of printed hi vis vests or personalised hi vis jackets, helping the organisers to stand out amongst the crowds of people. Naturally, having easily recognisable staff members will assist the public just as much as other people working at the event or taking part in it.

If your team is working at a bar or on a stall at an event, it is probably not so essential to kit them out in custom safety vests. However, what is totally necessary is personalised printed workwear. Not only are they attending the public, they are representing your brand and what they are wearing is just as important as how they act. Therefore, make sure that the printed or embroidered workwear you choose reflects your brand’s image and catches people’s eye at whatever event they are working.

Outdoor events in the UK can be fairly unpredictable in terms of weather, meaning that you should always be prepared for anything. One minute you might be at risk of burning in your work vest, printed baseball cap and shorts and the next you’ll be taking cover under the tarp wishing you had a poncho and a long pair of work trousers. For this reason, we’d recommend personalised work hoodies that event staff can easily throw on and off, and if you go for a zip up then the printed T-Shirt or embroidered polo they’re wearing underneath will still be visible.

If your staff aren’t going to have the luxury of being safely placed undercover, you might consider getting printed raincoats or umbrellas, making both your brand and your staff stand out in all weather. You could even consider giving these items out as promotional merchandise when the clouds roll in.

Of course, we’re all hoping that the sun continues to shine on blighty! So why not get your staff printed sunglasses and personalised baseball caps. They’ll thank you later!

Custom work apparel for bar and restaurant staff:

As well as the multitude of events summer brings, it also inspires people to eat out and attracts a large number of tourists looking for enticing places to have a meal. What better way to get your local business on the map, or better still in trip adviser, than with 5-star reviews? It might seem excessive, but a well put together, well-dressed team will do wonders for your overall brand image and reputation, leading to more new customers and returning locals.

A bar or restaurant staff member in a tired old fleece doesn’t quite give the same impression as one wearing a dogtooth work shirt with a denim money pocket apron and black tailored trousers, all embroidered with your company logo. With such a wide variety of stylish, cool custom work apparel options out there, don’t be limited to a simple polo shirt.

Make yours the restaurant they remember with stylish personalised workwear this summer.

So, there you have it, the ultimate guide to guide custom work clothes and personalised hi vis clothing. If you still have any doubts as to which garment is right for you and your team, you can browse our catalogue or get in touch with one of our printing experts.

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